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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

GlossTape - carpet tape

Fully transparent and high-shine tape for attaching glossy floor types.

RollMolton Tape - fabric tape

Double-sided tape for attaching Molton temporarily to stage elements, wood and PVC.

B2B Hook-and-loop fastener

Double-sided. Back to back hook-and-loop fastener. Cable binder. Hook + Loop.


Fabric tensioner for temporary attachment of cables. Per pack of 2.5 kg.


Traction power 220 N. Our Cable Ties are available in white (0003) or black (0007).

Adhesive aluminum tape. Heat resistant.

Double-sided carpet tape for attaching temporary expo carpet. Leaves almost no glue residue.

Phosphor Tape lights up in the dark. Use this light tape for marking stages and exits.

Carpet tape for attaching dancecarpet. Leaves almost no glue residue.


 All-round and easy tearable carpet tape.