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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

ShowLED Classic - star cloth
ShowLED Classic - star cloth
ShowLED Classic - star cloth
ShowLED Classic - star cloth
ShowLED Classic - star cloth
ShowLED Classic - star cloth
ShowLED Classic - star cloth

ShowLED Classic

It will certainly surprise you and your audience because an artificial starry sky never looked so realistic before. The LEDs are randomly placed (in cluster formation, ± 6 LEDs per m2) in a black Molton PES fabric forming constellations and star fields in this single colour star cloth, perfect for backdrops or ceilings. For a multi-colour star cloth, see our ShowLED Chameleon star cloth.

Classic components can also be integrated into many other fabrics or surfaces. With 8 output channels, the dedicated controller is DMX compatible and offers two DMX modes; control of preset chases including minimum and maximum intensity, chase speed, and pattern behavior; or full dimmer control of each individual output channel.

ShowLED Classic star cloth has stand-alone features and is truly plug and play. The controller can be programmed manually with the option of saving the settings directly to the controller. When linked together several connected drapes can be controlled simultaneously and if required fully synchronised.

Standard ready-made star curtains

ShowLED Classic curtains are made from inherently flame retardant black Molton CS with FR black DekoTaft lining. The curtains are finished with hook and loop fasteners for easy panel joining in any direction.

Stock sizes

4x6m, 4x9m and 5x7m (other sizes / shapes / fabrics on request).

Patented BE1014396



 Accessory  Information
 1. LED Socket  • High quality bluish/white LEDs
 • Replaceable pull-and-push LEDs
 • Wide viewing angle
 2. Single Coloured LEDs "Spark"  • Single Coloured LEDs available in White, Red, Green, Blue, Orange
 • 3mm LEDs with built-in resistors
 3. LED Strings  • Hook and loop fasteners
 • Ultra flexible
 • Strings of 12 or 16 LEDs
 • Male/female connectors not included
 4. Controller  • 8 output channels (for max. 512 single colour LEDs)
 • Stand-alone mode with Chase Patterns and Effects Memory
 • DMX-compatible (cable optional)
 • Dimensions: 140 x 135 x 43 mm
 • Weight: 455 g
 5. Molton CS  • Width: 300 cm
 • Length: 60 m
 • Weight: 320 g/m2
 • Composition: 100% PES
 • FR standard: NF P 92-507 / M1, BS 5867 PART 2B (2008) / pass, DIN 4102 / B1, NFPA 701 (2019) / pass, GB 8624-2012 / B1, AS 1530.3-1999, AS 1530.2-1993
 6. DekoTaft  • Width: 310 cm
 • Length: 100 m
 • Weight: 66 g/m2
 • Composition: 100% PES FR
 • FR standard: NF P 92-507 / M1