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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

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RP Azur - twin projection screen

Low-gain twin projection screen with a cool colour temperature for very accurate image and colour reproduction.

FP Pano - front projection screen

High-gain projection surface that is very supple and quickly recovers from creases.

FP XL - front projection screen

Extra-wide front projection screen for constant gain and even light spread.

RP Cream - retro projection screen

High-gain projection screen for dual use.

DanceCarpet Duplex Print - printed flooring by ShowTex

Printable dance floor that flattens out very quickly after rollout.

DanceCarpet Duplex dance floor by ShowTex

Double-sided dance carpet that flattens out very quickly after rollout.

MaiaFoam acoustic fabric by ShowTex

A unique acoustic textile solution that combines the luxurious feel of cotton velvet with the acoustic properties of a high-density coating.

BellaVista - stage canvas by ShowTex

Super-wide projection fabric that is easily tensioned and reflects the projected light beautifully.

Decorative fabric to cover up your acoustic panels and walls.

Budget-friendly fabric to cover your acoustic panels and walls. Available in stunning colours for a decorative touch.

Velours Hera - medium-weight cotton stage velvet

An elegant medium-weight cotton stage velvet with a longer upright pile. 

Velours Maia - heavy-weight cotton stage velvet

A heavy-weight cotton velvet with an upright pile that is super flexible.

Velours Iris - extra-heavy cotton velvet

The heaviest long-piled cotton velour of them all.

DropPaper Print - printed event fabric

Customise your display or interior with your own design on the printable version of DropPaper. 

GlassTex - fibreglass cloth

Very strong and non-flammable fibreglass cloth. Secure yet decorative.

Cielorama - outdoor 3D hologram scrim

Создайте свои голографические эффекты на открытом воздухе с помощью сверхширокой и высокопрозрачной Cielorama.