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ShowLED Animation - LED curtain
ShowLED Animation - LED curtain
ShowLED Animation - LED curtain
ShowLED Animation - LED curtain
ShowLED Animation - LED curtain

ShowLED Animation

The dynamic ShowLED Animation system lets you create video effects with flexible, lightweight drapes. The randomly placed LEDs are ideal to create star curtain effects, with a little extra.

Display low to medium resolution still images, video loops, and flash animations on performances and special events or make the Animation curtains the star of the show.

ShowLED Animation is lightweight, flexible, and therefore the fastest and most cost effective way to install a video display product. The RGB LEDs can be individually controlled as pixels and offer fast refresh rates for superb flicker free picture quality. Individual images can be configured across countless attached drapes with single control to produce large animated surfaces.

Standard ready -made star curtains

ShowLED Animation curtains are made from inherently flame retardant black Molton CS with FR black DekoTaft lining. The curtains are finished with hook and loop fasteners for easy panel joining in any direction.

Stock sizes

4 x 9m and 5 x 7m with 30 LEDs per sqm (randomly placed). Other sizes, shapes or LED densities on request.

Patented BE1016181



 Accessory  Information
 1. LED Strings  • High-quality RGB LEDs
 • Additive colour mixing
 • Intelligent LED sockets connected via thin cables
 • 64 LEDs on a cable run
 2. Easy Configuration  • Custom designed software
 • No pixel mapping required
 • Hands on configuration of each curtain
 3. Controller  • Max.1024 RGB LEDs per controller
 • 19”rack mountable
 • Ethernet connection
 • Dimensions: 482 x 135 x 85mm
 • Weight: 3.54 kg
 4. V-Box  • Media server/video software compatible
 • No additional video controllers or converters required
 • Plug & Play; just upload the configuration file and start projecting
 • Supports Composite, VGA and S-Video signal
 5. Molton CS  • Width: 300 cm
 • Length: 60 m
 • Weight: 320 g/m2
 • Composition: 100% PES
 • FR standard: NF P 92-507 / M1, BS 5867 PART 2B (2008) / pass, DIN 4102 / B1, NFPA 701 (2019) / pass, GB 8624-2012 / B1, AS 1530.3-1999, AS 1530.2-1993
 6. DekoTaft  • Width: 310 cm
 • Length: 100 m
 • Weight: 66 g/m2
 • Composition: 100% PES FR
 • FR standard: NF P 92-507 / M1