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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

ShowLED Animation Hybrid - LED curtain
ShowLED Animation Hybrid - LED curtain
ShowLED Animation Hybrid - LED curtain

ShowLED Animation Hybrid

The Animation Hybrid is both immersible (IP 65) and highly UV resistant. It is blindingly bright on stage and suitable for outdoor daytime use, but more subtle thanks to the active colour correction and white balance adjustability. Designed for the biggest set up possible, yet still a very budget-friendly solution (low maintenance, storage, setup, and transport cost).

The Animation Hybrid system can be used in a large range of setups far beyond fabrics or nettings. Easy wall-mounting is possible through its versatile clip, and the housing is robust enough to fit aluminum frames or to be clipped upon steel wires. LED lens, socket moulding, cabling, connectors,... no expenses have been saved to warrant outdoor use for longer periods of time.

All of this is controllable with the same user friendly software you are already familiar with. New technology in the LED sockets allows for a parallel transmission of power and data.


  • 6 RGB +1 RRR High Output SMD LED per pixel
  • Parallel data and power transmission through the LED sockets
  • UV and waterproof socket moulding material, to the highest quality standards
  • Custom designed LED lens for better viewing angle without output loss
  • Cabling and connectors upgraded to resist higher temperature fluctuations