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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

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    Cotton Mesh Print - printed mesh

    This mesh is the ideal theatre scrim for special effects.

    FP XL Mesh Print - printed mesh

    Good wind permeability for outdoor use. High resolution mesh.

    Speaker Mesh Print - printed mesh

    Perforated mesh fabric, ideal as a ceiling or speaker cloth. Acoustically transparent.

    Universal Mesh Print - printed mesh

    Ideal theatre scrim for special effects or speaker cloth.

    Puy du Fou - The giant theatre

    Discover how Puy Du Fou commissioned ShowTex for the many drapes, prints, screens, structures and stage mechanisms for Le Dernier Panache!

    Art Basel by ShowTex

    Art Basel

    This year’s Hong Kong edition featured a large amount of printed signage and custom aluminium profiles by ShowTex.

    © Luke Dyson

    How to choose your perfect printed backdrop

    Make your choice from an extensive collection of polyester and PVC materials, acoustic fabrics or eco-friendly solutions, all with their own characteristics to suit your project.

    Home Futures - print frames

    Home Futures

    Six makeshift rooms, all fully constructed with aluminium profiles covered with fabric.

    ABB Formula E - printed fabric

    ABB Formula E

    Using stylishly printed fabrics, both the private viewing deck & the fine dining pop-up radiated a truly classy vibe.

    printed mesh - printed fabric

    Al Majlis at Madinat Jumeirah

    During the holy month of Ramadan, ShowTex transformed the Madinat Arena into a dreamy setting.

    Sacred Heart Basilica

    The famous basilica celebrates its centenary year with colourful printed expo fabrics and elegant mesh.

    printed theatre borders and legs

    Black and White

    A theatre stage filled with projection surfaces and printed fabrics by ShowTex.

    MAAT Museum

    Textile corridors & free-standing rooms made from bright display fabrics fully transform the museum's interior.

    Festival of Lights

    Versatile StretchTulle mesh was used to create various projection surfaces for some of the installations.

    ShowTex Services

    ShowTex has both the technology and the experience to provide clients with a variety of solutions to meet most of the challenges in set building, stage and stand design.



    Event backdrop example

    How to choose a stage and event backdrop

    What is the perfect backdrop and how do you choose one for our stage or next event? Let's find out!

    ShowTex Printing Techniques

    Printing Techniques

    ShowTex is equipped with 3m and 5m large scale printers for all your wide format printing needs. This guide will help you choose the right material, finishing, and printing method to obtain the best result.