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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Art Basel by ShowTex
Art Basel by ShowTex
Art Basel by ShowTex
Art Basel by ShowTex
Art Basel by ShowTex

Art Basel

Hong Kong
May 2017

Art Basel is an international art fair showcasing contemporary artworks by both established and newly emerging artists. This year’s Hong Kong edition featured a large amount of printed signage and custom aluminium profiles by ShowTex.

At the entrance of the Hong Kong Convention Centre, a printed signpost and a massive 10 by 5-meter banner directed visitors to the various galleries. Both banners were printed on flame-retardant Universal 250 fabric and mounted in a Double Print Frame Profile. This aluminium frame can be finished with a printed front and back and is made to measure up to almost any size.

The entrance of the fair also featured an impressive 18-meter wide free-standing Quadro Profile setup, finished with a backlit FP XL Mesh. The PVC screen served as a light diffuser and created a bright and arty ambience once the LED lights were turned on.

Especially for the 5th anniversary of Art Basel, Tom Postma designed the entrance area by using translucent materials to keep it light and airy. Nearly 80.000 visitors walked through a fabric tunnel of stretched blue DekoSilk and white Cyclo 200 to access the coat check cubicles, which were made of Double Print Frame and Quadro Profile.

Inside the main gallery area, ShowTex also manufactured and installed six cubes and two prism-shaped frames which served as signage. The frames were finished with high-quality prints on Universal 250 BB Print and Blackout Flex BB to prevent visible bracing. The colourful cubes highlighted the modern style of Art Basel perfectly!

Project credits

Uniplan Hong Kong
Tom Postma