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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

VTM TV studios

December 2010

VTM Television studios underwent a technical transformation with acoustic drapes by ShowTex.

The newest broadcast studio at one of Belgium's biggest commercial tv stations is now fitted with custom manufactured black Velours Puccini masking drapes. ShowTex also supplied an off white colored Cyclo 200 canvas backdrop.

In addition, the set of VTM's comedy variety show "Tegen de sterren op" features an eye catching 6m high x 11m wide ruby red velvet main curtain. As the set is revealed behind the drapes at the beginning of the program, a seamlessly welded 60 m² RetroScreen black backdrop appears behind the actors onstage.

The walls lining the audience seating area in the studio are decorated with twinkling ShowLED Classic star cloths continuing the variety show atmosphere.