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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Stage Curtain Accessories

From curtain trimmings to clamps and fabric tensioning systems. Our curtain accessories guide is a great resource for your scenic, sewing, or production workshop and is filled with the essentials for your installation team toolbox.

Fabric tensioner for temporary attachment of cables. Per pack of 2.5 kg.


Pipesnap - pipe hanger

Pipe hanger for fast mounting of theatre legs, borders and backdrops. With swivelling hook.

Fabric press clamp for attaching stretch fabrics without damaging the fabric.


Convenient spring clamp to hold any material quickly and efficiently.


Traction power 220 N. Our Cable Ties are available in white (0003) or black (0007).

Omega clip

Flexible omega clip in black or white for attaching cloth to pipe.


Nickel S-hook that allows you to easily attach things to either end.


Snap hook for quick connecting of straps, webbing, or rope. With or without fastener.

Nickel o ring with fastener.

Use these shackles for secure connections.

Pulley Block is a wheel with a groove in which a rope can run to change the direction or point of

Nickel wheel, with or without a brake.


Adhesive aluminum tape. Heat resistant.

Double-sided carpet tape for attaching temporary expo carpet. Leaves almost no glue residue.

Phosphor Tape lights up in the dark. Use this light tape for marking stages and exits.