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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

RollScreen 500

Electric roll-up projection screen with front or rear projection foil up to 450 cm wide.



  • High standard electric screen that ensures its users reliability aesthetics and recessing features to allow you to achieve the look you want without compromise.
  • This product has also been designed to be installed easily, no matter what the constraints are.
  • Robust screen case, fully protected.
  • Clean finish, no screws or screen fixating elements visible.
  • Aluminium casing with white epoxy finish. Other colours on demand.
  • Wall or ceiling mounting.
  • Tubular 1 x 230 VAC motor. Raising speed: 7 cm/seconde.
  • 3-Position wall switch or remote control.
Standard viewing area 4:3 Standard viewing area 16:9
1.80m high x 2.40m wide 1.50m high x 2.40m wide
2.25m high x 3.00m wide 1.87m high x 3.00m wide
3.00m high x 4.00m wide 2.50m high x 4.00m wide

Other sizes available on request.