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Kabuki drop reveal in action
Kabuki 50 - kabuki system
Kabuki effect unveiling a race car
Multiple kabuki drops at the same time
Kabuki 50 - kabuki system
Kabuki 50 - kabuki system
Kabuki 50 - kabuki system

Kabuki 50

Unveil a new product with a curtain drop and add an element of surprise they’ll never forget. A Kabuki system is perfect for revealing the top act in your show at the push of a button.

  • The immediate response makes it the fastest Kabuki drop in the industry.
  • You can create a perfectly even curtain wall and drop it at exactly the right moment.
  • The modular system allows for almost endless extension by connecting brakes and bearings to the Profile.
  • The unique design will not release the curtain in the event of a power outage.

Do you want to impress your audience even more? Combine a Kabuki drop with our HiSpeed Reveal system!



AccessoryArticle codeInformation

1. Click Profile

8150 0906 0107

Length: 10 cm

8150 0906 1007

Length: 100 cm

8150 0906 2007

Length: 200 cm

8150 0906 3007

Length: 300 cm