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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion


Umea, Sweden
June 2015

Swedish electro hip-hop artists Maskinen are famous for their amazing live performances, making the audience dance until they drop. And the summer tour of 2015 was no exception.

The pre-rigging of the show was done behind a back-lit front curtain made of translucent ShowTex Spinnaker. A band logo was projected onto the curtain, stirring up the expectations of the audience. The show then started off with a Kabuki drop, revealing the unique stage design containing podiums with human scale dolls sporting red ShowLed eyes.

The multi-layered, printed backdrop was made of ShowTex Backdrop Print and a Molton CS backing with a laser-cut band logo. RP Fusion screen was inserted in the logo to diffuse the ShowLed bird hanging behind the backdrop. The bird, made of Showled Animation Outdoor net with ShowLed Animation Hybrid leds, was dark during the start of the show, then rose up in the end, surprising the dancing audience.


Project credits

Maskinen - Summer Tour 2015
Anders Heberling