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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Roll-up & Reveal Systems

From the ShowTex Kabuki Drop to the fastest roll up system around, the HiSpeed Roll Up. Creating an element of surprise on stage or rolling up / down curtains and screens has never been easier.

HiSpeed Motor 3000

Budget-friendly and compact motor unit with a fixed speed, compatible with all HiSpeed Roll-Up Truss Rollers.

HiSpeed Motor 8000

Ultra-fast motorised roll-up system. Easy to assemble and easy to tour.

Truss Roller

Set your drapes in motion using one of our famous roll-ups!

Venetia Truss Roller

Especially designed for Venetian and Austrian openings, Roman blind systems and partition curtains.

ShowTex AutoReveal 600 reveal system

Reveal bigger items the size of a van or a small truck with the XL AutoReveal system.

AutoReveal 300 - reveal system

This reveal system lets you launch in style and at the push of a button.

Kabuki 50 - kabuki system

Unveil a new product and add an element of surprise they’ll never forget.