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    Flame retardant fabrics

    Flame Retardant Standards

    In order to provide the maximum safety level for our worldwide customers, ShowTex conducts a variety of Flame Retardant standard tests for all fabrics.

    TrusSleeve truss cover

    Cover square and triangular trusses safe, fast, and easy or turn them into a design feature.

    TrusSleeve Print - printed fabric

    ShowTex TrusSleeve can also be printed with colourful designs or logo's.

    Velours Garnier CS - flame retardant stage velvet

    Medium weight and permanently flame retardant stage velvet made from Trevira CS.

    DekoTaft - budget event fabric

    Ecological and extra wide semi-shiny taffeta. Drapes beautifully. Also used as lining.

    Velours Helena CS - flame retardant stage velvet

    Permanently flame retardant stage velvet with upright pile and light satin sheen. Light weight synthetic velvet.

    Velours Paris CS - flame retardant stage velvet

    Permanently flame retardant stage velvet with upright pile and light satin sheen. Heavy weight synthetic velvet.

    StretchTulle - mesh

    A highly elastic mesh that stretches seamlessly up to 7.5 or even 15 metres wide.

    Satinac - glossy fabric

    Affordable and ecological extra wide exhibition fabric with a satin shine.

    Velours Delta - stage velvet

    Extra-wide and medium-weight synthetic stage velvet with good acoustic qualities.

    Velours Zeus CS - flame retardant stage velvet

    Extra-heavyweight synthetic stage velvet. Permanently Flame Retardant.

    Satinac Crunch - glossy fabric

    Crushed satin reflects light under different angles, creating an amazing kaleidoscope effect.


    Extra wide, budget-friendly stage masking fabric. Raised on both sides.

    Sheer Fabric - DekoSilk

    The widest silk available anywhere!

    RollMolton - stage skirt

    The extra-wide and budget-friendly Molton is now also available on roll and in smaller widths!

    SlitDrape - string curtain

    String curtain with shimmer or slashed fringes that pick up and bounce light.

    DekoTaft Crunch - budget event fabric

    Crushed taffeta reflects light under various angles, creating a kaleidoscopic effect.

    Acoustic Sheer CS - acoustic fabric

    Translucent and yet acoustic fabric that absorbs sound while still letting light shine through.

    DekoTaft Print - printed fabric

    Semi-shiny printed fabric with high quality recto-verso print effect. Drapes beautifully.

    Acoustic Sheer CS Light - acoustic fabric

    Translucent and acoustic fabric thanks to a new cutting-edge weaving technology.