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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

PepperScrim - 3D Hologram scrim
PepperScrim @ UAE Pro League Awards opening act - holographic projections on stage
PepperScrim @ UAE Pro League Awards opening act - interacting with holographic projections on stage
PepperScrim - 3D Hologram gauze screen used in a performance
PepperScrim - 3D Hologram scrim
PepperScrim example use for hologram projection


Highly transparent and extra-wide metallic scrim for large scale 3D hologram effects.

Imagine a hologram that looks so real that 3D objects appear to float in mid-air or surround a performer on stage. That’s where PepperScrim comes in! This highly transparent gauze has an exceptional width of 7m, allowing impressively large and seamless hologram projections on a scrim.

PepperScrim is extremely lightweight and foldable and therefore very easy to transport. It's the perfect holographic projection screen material and can be set up in no time. Attach it to a truss, lighting bar or frame and you are ready to amaze your audience! Tensioning the gauze on all 4 sides and using the right projector are key to obtain the best results with this 3D projection screen

Use PepperScrim for both front and rear holographic projections. The gauze screen is used vertically, so less space is lost in the performance area as there is no need for a 45° mirror and a stage pit with projection screen.

PepperScrim is a unique, innovative product and one of the best materials for hologram projection. It provides any lighting designer with unlimited possibilities.

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Robin Don - Set Designer:
“PepperScrim is truly an astounding product! I can't believe how thin it is and how strong it reproduces a projected image. The texture of the scrim is actually fine enough to use at model scale in the design phase of things. I will definitely experiment further with it on my design for the Geneva Opera.”



PepperScrim with front projection setup example PepperScrim with rear projection setup example

PepperScrim using tilted upwards front projection PepperScrim using tilted upwards rear projection

PepperScrim using downward facing front-projection PepperScrim using downward facing rear-projection



Article codeWidthLengthWeight

3442 0700 0750 (not FR)

700 cm


14 g/m²

3440 0700 0750 (FR)

700 cm


14 g/m²

91% PA + 9% ME
Flame retardancy standard: 
FR on demand: DIN-B1/ EN 13773 (Class 3) / BS-2B / NFPA 701
More info: 

Delicate fabric - handle with care & wear gloves
Not recommended for permanent use
Oxidation sensible over time
FR available on demand