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Cielorama - outdoor 3D hologram scrim
Outdoor projection mesh Cielorama breaks world records at Noor Riyadh festival
XL projections on outdoor Cielorama scrims
Projections on Cielorama XL scrim by ShowTex
Cielorama - outdoor 3D hologram scrim
Cielorama - outdoor 3D hologram scrim
Cielorama - outdoor 3D hologram scrim


You can now take your hologram effects outside, with the super-wide and highly-transparent Cielorama. Seamless up to 15 meters wide (!), this 3D projection scrim is perfect for creating the most stunning XL illusions in the open air.

Cielorama is a see-through gauze that brings to life all your visuals. The super-strong hologram fabric makes the images appear out of nowhere and enables you to create unseen mystical effects outdoors. To top it all off, the projected images are visible on both sides of the scrim, making it fit for front and rear projection.

Holographic screen to spice up open-air events & installations 

The flame-retardant Cielorama is a strong netting that is adapted to all kinds of weather conditions. Water, wind, UV radiation, moisture, chemicals, micro-organisms, you name it. The projection surface can even be used for (semi-)permanent installations.

Turning the ordinary into something extraordinary? This outdoor scrim can pull off an immersive experience that triggers everyone's imagination!

Mesh size: 10 x 10 mm

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Article codeWidthWeight

3448 1500 0001

15.16 m

140 g/m2

100% AF
Flame retardancy standard: 
BS 5867 PART 2B / pass • DIN 4102 / B1 • NFPA 701 / pass
More info: 

Weighs 31 g/m2 when fully stretched.