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TrusSleeve truss cover
TrusSleeve truss cover
Lit TrusSleeve truss cover
Arched trusses covered with TrusSleeve
Black truss covers using TrusSleeve
White truss covers at a wedding party
TrusSleeve truss cover
Truss covers with lighting inside the trusses
TrusSleeve truss covers used at an art installation at the Festival of Light (Belgium)
Yellow TrusSleeve truss covers at an event


Cover trusses safe, fast, and easy or turn them into a design feature. Permanently flame retardant TrusSleeve is a seamless truss cover that hides cables and fits around all types of square and triangular trusses. It's available in multiple colours.

In the past covers for truss had to be strapped on or attached with hook and loop fasteners and tape. Truss sizes and shapes often vary, so the old generation of truss covers could rarely be reused, not to mention the amount of time involved in fitting a loose fabric cover around a truss structure on a deadline. Now there’s a safe, fast, and easy solution for hiding trusses or turning them into a design feature... TrusSleeve.

How to choose the right TrusSleeve?


Permanently flame retardant truss cover

TrusSleeve material is elastic enough to slide over a variety of truss shapes and sizes with ease. When attaching lights to the truss, simply perforate the sleeve at your attachment points. When your truss is covered, cut at both ends and overlap with adjoining TrusSleeve section. TrusSleeve has a no-sew finish and won’t unravel when cut. Hides cables, covers trusses and fits around corner pieces on all kinds of square and triangular truss thanks to its stretching properties. This patented wrap for trusses is permanently flame retardant to the strictest M1 standard. TrusSleeve truss covers retain FR levels even after washing and can easily be reused.

TrusSleeve Corner

Are you looking to cover a full truss construction without any visible seam? There’s a special TrusSleeve corner piece available for every type of truss connection. Combined with the right type of fabric joint, your trusses will stand out even more. Check out the full range of TrusSleeve Corners now!

2 way corner

3 way corner

3 way T-piece

4 way corner

4 way cross


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Article codeWidthLengthWeight

2995 0027 #

27 cm

between 1 & 50 m

480 g/m²

2995 0035 #

35 cm

between 1 & 50 m

100% TCS
Flame retardancy standard: 
AS 1530.2 • AS 1503.3 • BS 5867 PART 2B / pass • DIN 4102 / B1 • EN 13501-1 / B-s1, d0 • EN 13773 / class 1 • NFPA 701 / pass • NF P 92-507 / M1
More info: 

Allow for 15% extra in the length, depending on truss shape and diameter, before cutting the fabric.
Made of 50% recycled yarns.