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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

BEA Awards 2012

Brussels, Belgium
March 2012

What started out as a stylish low key networking event transformed with a bang and a black-out into a pulsing party that got everyone in the venue moving and shaking.

The BEA concept was simple: one venue, two settings; with the space transforming in the blink of an eye. The perfect challenge for ShowTex. Walls of the Brussels Expo Palace 10 were draped in ShowLED Classic stardrops covered in white Voile CS sheers. The main wall of the venue where the DJ stage was set up featured a giant ShowLED Animation backdrop draped in a curved configuration. Black Molton masking and white Voile CS were attached to a Kabuki drop system in front of the Animation LED video curtain. The venue’s centerpiece was a Giant glassless mirror cube above the main bar.

As guests entered Palace 10, it was decorated with elegant but static white sheer curtains. The mirror cube chandelier appeared to be non transparent with changing reflections depending on the viewers position in the hall.

As the special event continued, every aspect of the evening from the awards to the catering went along smoothly, until the lights suddenly went out. The sound of an explosion and then sudden silence and darkness were all part of Event Agency 24Seven’s plan.

Within seconds, the entire venue transformed into one big night club. The ShowLED Classic starcloth lit up from behind the sheer curtains, the ShowLED Animation curtain was revealed behind the Kabuki drop. Light effects within and outside of the Mirror Cube transformed it into a giant disco ball with coloured flashing lights. 

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