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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Special Olympics

October 2014

The Special Olympics European Summer Games take place every 4 years in one of Europe’s major cities. For the very first time in history, Belgium was the host country of this major sporting event. The 2014 edition was named “Games of the Heart” and took place in Antwerp. A variety of Belgian companies supported the Olympics, including ShowTex who contributed by providing the decorations for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Large FP Blackout front projection screens by ShowTex were installed on stage to ensure a unique experience to the audience. Seven HiSpeed 8000 systems enabled the screens to move up and down independently emphasising the dynamic nature of the dream. A huge ShowLED Animation star cloth sparkled behind the stage. The integrated LED lights gave the set design an extra dimension, highlighting the infinity of the dream world.

During the closing ceremony over 14,000 spectators could follow the entire show in detail on 2 big Blackout 270 projection screens by ShowTex. A ShowLED Animation backdrop again created a magical setting. Two 10m high wine red velvet curtains were theatrically draped on both sides of the stage.

ShowTex EasyDrape and black Molton curtains turned the backstage area into several changing rooms where the artists could easily get their make-up done and quickly change their costumes. EasyDrape allows quick build-up of temporary fabric walls and venue decoration and always ensures a sleek result.

Project credits

Steven Martin & Koert Vermeulen