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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Print Frame Profiles

Made to measure aluminium profiles up to almost any size for extra large display prints and acoustic panels. Add acoustic characteristics to your prints to optimize sound quality in the space with a decorative feature.

Single Frame - aluminium frame

A wall mounted frame for decoration purposes and advertising (fixed installation).

Double Frame - aluminium frame

Can be wall mounted (fixed install) or free standing / hanging for exhibition stands and room dividers.

Cube Frame - aluminium frame

For directional signage, a free standing platform, or a decorative hanging feature.

Commonly used as corner posts on a cubed (or rectangular) structure for exhibition stands.

Hexa profile - aluminium frame

A profile system offering a versatile solution for curved and multidimensional solutions.

Keder Profile - aluminium profile

Lightweight aluminum, easy to assemble & transport, free hanging, single face print mount

Circular frame for exhibition stands, overhead hanging, or wall integration.

To create unique chandeliers, overhead lighting, directional signage and exhibition stands.

Frames to your design for exhibition stands, wall designs, room dividers and decoration.