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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

ShowLED Curtains

Classic White, Chameleon RGB, and Animation LED curtains set industry standards for innovation and ease of use. The ShowLED star curtains provide a classic starry sky backdrop, colourful venue masking and decoration, star tunnels and walls, and animated video effects.

The ShowLED Classic and Chameleon star curtains provide a theatrical starry sky backdrop, colourful venue masking and decoration or twinkling star tunnels and walls. Choose ready-made curtain from IFR black Molton CS fabric and black DekoTaft lining, or contact us for custom sizes, shapes, and fabrics.

Randomly placed RGB LEDs to display low to medium resolution still images, video loops, and flash animations during stage performances and special events. The dynamic ShowLED Animation LED curtains let you create video effects
with flexible, lightweight drapes and is available as an indoor, outdoor, high output and Hybrid version.

Integrate ShowLED components into any fabric surface or set design for custom and unique applications. Add them to indoor and outdoor textiles, combine with digital prints and painted backdrops, or integrate into set design pieces, these LED fabrics offer truly limitless design options. Our waterproof LEDs let you even light up outdoor fabrics, nettings or prints.