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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Glassless Mirrors, Foils & Inflatables

Glassless mirrors, foils & inflatables in a variety of colours, weights and finishes. Create amazing reflections, theatrical applications and numerous special effects in museums, amusement parks, corporate presentations, and performance venues.

Featherweight mirror foils, two way mirrors, fully and semi transparent reflective surfaces, shrink mirrors, and the exclusive GiantMirror. Our easy to use mirror foils and holographic materials are a versatile alternative to glass mirrors and can create hologram effects or make objects appear and disappear.

Discover our selection of PVC Foils for creating glass imitations, diffuser screens, and even glow in the dark effects. Our range includes colourful self-adhesive foils, budget solutions and unique special effect foils for the most imaginative concepts and specialist drapes.

ShowTex is a proven expert in producing perfectly round inflatable spheres, without any deflection. This innovative technique makes it possible to construct inflatable projection & light spheres measuring up to 6 meters in diameter that can be custom printed with your design.