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From smart design to high quality recycling

From smart design to high quality recycling

ShowTex believes that a healthy environment is vitally important to our global society, our economy, our business and our people. Given our position as a leading supplier of flame retardant drapery, curtain tracks, and motion control systems to the theatrical, entertainment and event production industry, ShowTex promotes sustainability and encourages environmental awareness within our own business and in the industry at large.

We strive to reduce our consumption of resources and improve the efficient use of those resources and when feasible environmental criteria are taken into account in the procurement and transportation of goods and services. We also give due consideration to environmental issues and energy performance in the acquisition, design, refurbishment, location and use of buildings. Moving the ShowTex head office from the old building in Antwerp City to the former premises of transport firm TTC in Burcht was the perfect moment to assess a number of environmental issues and to approach our daily business differently.



The big move

In January 2014 ShowTex opened the doors of its brand new office and production center in Burcht, which was the official goodbye of the old and charming building in the heart of Antwerp. The building underwent a complete makeover and was adapted to the needs of the company with the opportunity to grow. All the necessary environmental measures were taken and the building now meets all modern requirements.

In order to save energy, all windows with single pane glass were replaced by energy-efficient glass and the entire roof got renewed, insulated and equipped with new skylights. All fluorescent lamps had to make way for LED armatures and all lighting in the warehouse, hallways and workshop are now controlled by an innovative motion detection system.

Sustainability was our top priority when we redid the front garden and the car park. The result is a large green space the size of no less than 1000 m2 that smoothly blends our business premises into the neighbouring residential area. We deliberately chose to use concrete tiles to make sure that rainwater finds its way back into the ground. This reduces the risk of sewer overflow as the rainwater is not discharged into the sewer system.


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R&D and our smart designs

We always look for the most ecofriendly solutions within the development and acquisition phase of our products.

Ecodesign, or sustainable development, is key here, which means that ShowTex does not only take into account the functionality, ergonomics and safety of its products, but also its overall environmental aspects.

The easier it is to decompose an assembled product, the lower the consumption of resources and the more efficient all different components can be reused.

Therefore, when feasible, we use screws instead of adhesives and we try to avoid making parts that need to be compressed or melted together.


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Green products in a variety of colors

ShowTex offers a variety of green products, including sustainable theatre curtains, stage cloths for performing arts, festival backdrops, and budget-friendly exhibition fabrics for green meetings, events, and trade shows.

Look for the 'ECO by ShowTex' label to find all our eco products.

Check our green commitment


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The principles of re-use & recycling

ShowTex believes in high quality recycling methods where waste can be processed into the original product with similar quality.

Thanks to the improved logistical features of the new building, ShowTex was able to increase its recycling center and the company currently has more than 20 different containers on site.

ShowTex recycles steel, aluminium and other metals, we collect small hazardous waste and PVC, we separate virgin timber from mixed wood, brown cardboard from paper and white cotton from coloured cotton and wool. On top of this, computers and ink cartridges, batteries, glass, residual waste and the classical organic waste and PMCC are also properly disposed of.


Case study: upcycling at ShowTex


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Corporate Social Responsibility

ShowTex is dedicated to educating and encouraging its staff to be responsible green citizens and our green policy encompasses all aspects of the company’s behavior.

ShowTex is committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and the integration of recognized environmental best practices into our business operations.

On a regular basis a dedicated workgroup monitors the environmental impact of our business. That way we continue to review and improve our efforts to become more and more a green industry partner.


Lost in terminology? Learn the language of green 


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