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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

ShowTex, the reveal company

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Launching your latest product or show is always super exciting, so only the most spectacular presentation is good enough. The ultimate goal of your reveal is to wow your audience, right?

The right reveal system will certainly take your opening or launch to the next level. Are you ready to dazzle your guests with the breath-taking effect of unveiling and roll-up systems?



HiSpeed RollUp, the reveal system made to fit your set

Set your drapes or screens in motion and add an element of surprise to your show with the HiSpeed RollUp. The system rolls up and down fabrics at dazzling speeds, to unveil anything you want: a brand-new product, a whole new set design, a stage, a band of musicians, you name it. 

Just choose the width of the set-up by combining several standard trusses, because one motor can drive several rollers at the same time. You either roll-up one extra-wide fabric in one go or raise various individual panels one by one. So many dynamic reveal options! How does your ideal roll-up choreography look like?

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A HiSpeed RollUp system is a combination of a HiSpeed Motor and a truss roller. First step: choose between the ultra-fast high-end motor and the more basic budget-friendly one, and you’re already halfway there. Next up: your choice of truss roller. If you’re looking for a straight roll-up effect, a regular Truss Roller is what you need.

Want to add an extra elegant touch to your reveal? Then you’re best off with a Venetia Truss Roller. Especially designed for Venetian and Austrian openings, Roman Blinds and partition curtains, this roller system offers the most elegant reveal solution around. 

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AutoReveal, a car reveal that lasts

No better system to stylishly launch your latest car model than AutoReveal. At one push of a button, the curtain reveal system uncovers any car or other disguised object by teasingly pulling away the covering fabric. You can even hide the compact roll-up underneath the vehicle for an extra out-of-the-blue effect. Got a larger truck to launch? We’ve got you covered as well! Because there are two sizes of AutoReveal available: one for car-sized items, and an extra-large unveiling system for vans or trucks.

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The glossy Satinac drape covering the vehicle gives your car launch a glamourous touch. Even more, the drape is fully customisable: in size, in colour, and in the artwork that is printed on it. Thanks to our in-house printers, you can custom print the curtain with your company logo, or a personal message like ‘Congratulations on your new car!’. The possibilities are endless.

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Kabuki, drops it like it’s hot

On the lookout to spice up your performance? How about dropping your stage curtain with a Kabuki drop system? Whether you want to kick off your show with a mesmerizing curtain drop or change your scenery halfway, a curtain drop reveal is always a good idea.

With just one push of a button, your curtain elegantly whirls down, creating stage magic that will not leave your audience untouched. The daisy-chainable Kabuki system allows for almost endless extensions. Impress your spectators by making a massive backdrop fall down elegantly or go from one surprise to the other by using a layered backdrop and dropping down the fabrics one by one.

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HiSpeed Reveal, an unveiling at the blink of an eye

Meet the most versatile reveal system you will ever work with: HiSpeed Reveal. With this ultra-fast unveiling solution, your covering fabrics disappear like magic. Do you want the drape to disappear in a flash, or do you prefer it to make some spectacular turns along the way? At one push of the button, the reveal fabric will disappear in seconds. Your audience won’t believe their eyes!

The compact roll-up system is perfect for both permanent installations, and for touring. No matter where you install the system, on the floor, the wall or the ceiling, HiSpeed Reveal will always take your audience’s breath away.

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Sniffer effect, a match made in heaven

Can’t get enough of the ShowTex reveal systems? Why not combine them? You can take a spectacular reveal even further by having a Kabuki drop system work together with a HiSpeed Reveal. As the Kabuki releases the curtain and the fabric whirls down, the HiSpeed Reveal system plucks the fabric out of the air and makes it magically disappear in one smooth movement.

It’s called the sniffer effect and works perfectly for any kind of reveal event. Try it. You won’t believe the thundering applause.

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With a professional reveal system, your launches will never be the same again. You’ll be hooked, and so will your crowd. Ready to make a profound impact with your next product launch?