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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Meet the most versatile curtain track of all.

Velours CS Print - printed fabric

A unique IFR fabric with a smooth velvet texture.

PolarisVoile CS Print - printed sheer fabric

Luxurious printable sheer fabric that polarises the light in one direction.

AluShape molding cloth

قماش ألومنيوم تشكيلي، دون أي طلاء خارجي.

SonoMesh Acoustic Fabric

An all-round material combining sound absorption with strength, flexibility and durability.

RP GlassFilm AC - self-adhesive projection foil

Turn your glass and window panels into stunning translucent projection surfaces with this self-adhesive foil.

HiSpeed Reveal hardware

Create the most spectacular unveilings with this ultra-fast reveal system and leave a lasting impression!

Velours Transsonic CS Print - printed fabric

A unique printed velvet!

PepperScrim - 3D Hologram scrim

شفافية عالية وذات نطاق واسع، " scrim"ذات تأثير ثلاثية الأبعاد على نطاق واسع.

Backlit Premium - diffusor fabric

This flexible polyester fabric allows you to create stunning light diffusion effects when backlit. 

AluShape Dessin - Molding cloth with nature print

Reusable moulding cloth, pre-printed with nature-themed patterns.

Rope Drive Lite motorised track control by ShowTex

A budget-friendly track motor designed for basic curtain movement at a fixed speed.

Rope Drive Standard motorised track control by ShowTex

A motor with adjustable speed, designed to elegantly control your rope-operated curtain tracks.

RopeAssist - manual rope operation

Manually opening or closing your stage drapes by rope was never easier!

Chain Drive Standard motor by ShowTex

A budget-friendly motor with adjustable speed, designed for chain-operated curtain movement.