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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

AutoReveal 300 - reveal system

يسمح لك نظام الكشف بإطلاق ما لديك بأناقة وبمجرد كبسة زر. 

FeatherSilk - floating fabric

This extremely lightweight sheer fabric is ideal for creating stylish floating effects.

GobelinTulle CS

Inherently flame-retardant sharkstooth scrim made from Trevira CS.

Acoustic Sheer CS Light - acoustic fabric

Translucent and acoustic fabric thanks to a new cutting-edge weaving technology.

Acoustic Sheer CS - acoustic fabric

Translucent and yet acoustic fabric that absorbs sound while still letting light shine through.

Acoustic Divider

This free-standing and mobile cart is an extension of the Acoustic Panel.

Very strong and non-ignitable fabric made from a fibreglass base cloth.

Inflatable Wool

With its special coating, our Wool Serge Panne is now airtight!

EasyDrape Front of House

EasyDrape Front of House  مصمم خصوصيا لتغطية امام بيت او مسرح

Tulle Aymond Mini - Scrim

Lightweight scrim with a fine honeycomb structure. Extra-wide.

AutoReveal - reveal systems

إطلاق عناصر بحجم شاحنة صغيرة أو باص.


SolinFix - stage floor

SolinFix is a heavy-duty stage floor with a non-slip latex backing for extra grip.

Solin - stage floor

Solin is a durable cotton canvas for stage floor cloths.

HiSpeed RollScreen 3000

متوسطة الحجم، وسهلة التركيب صديقة للميزانية ثابت سرعة نظام الأسطوانة.

SpiderNet - stage net

تم تصميم المسرح باستخدام القماش المشبك، اضاءة رائعة وتأثيرات الظلال المثيرة.