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SonoMesh Print - acoustic fabric

A durable and sound-absorbing material featuring stunning print results!

Velours Transsonic CS Print - printed fabric

A unique printed velvet!

Blackout Flex BB Print - printed fabric

للطباعة على قماش blackout fabric.

Backlit Premium Print - printed fabric

Flexible print fabric for impressive backlit cubes and print frames.

multi-layered curtain - acoustic curtain

Reduce noise transmission with luxurious multi-layered curtains.

Speaker Mesh Print - printed mesh

Perforated mesh fabric, ideal as a ceiling or speaker cloth. Acoustically transparent.

Backlit DeLux Print - printed fabric

This high-quality print fabric is extra-wide and features very bright and intense colours when ba

Molton CS Print - printed fabric

Our inherently and permanently flame retardant Molton CS is now also available for print!

Cyclo 300 CS Print - printed fabric

This heavy-weight cyclorama is perfect for high-definition prints in a wide range of applications

Cyclo 80 CS Print - printed cyclorama

An inherently flame retardant muslin that is perfect for printed interior or event decorations.

Satinac Print - printed fabric

قماش لامع يشبه الحرير ، وهو مثالي للأقمشة المزيّنة والمثالي للاستخدام في عمليات الكشف الأنيقة.

SolinFix - stage floor

SolinFix is a heavy-duty stage floor with a non-slip latex backing for extra grip.

Solin - stage floor

Solin is a durable cotton canvas for stage floor cloths.

String Curtain - Spaghetti Event

ستارة الخيط الرقيق. مقاومة ومثبطة للهب بطبيعتها وبشكل دائم.

Universal Mesh Print - printed mesh

مناسبة للاستخدام لعمل المؤثرات الخاصة وللأسطح المزودة بمرشات أو أقمشة السماعات.