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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

القماش المطبوع والمرسوم والمقطوع بالليزر

مجموعة تتراوح من الخلفيات المسرحية الكبيرة المطبوعة وأقمشة المعارض المخصصة إلى خدمات القطع بالليزر الدقيقة التي تناسب أي تصميم أو نمط أو شكل. تخلق التصميمات الملونة على القماش مفاهيم مخصوصة بالكامل تناسب الأحداث أو حفلات الأداء أو ديكور الفعالية.

DanceCarpet Duplex Print - printed flooring by ShowTex

Printable dance floor that flattens out very quickly after rollout.

DropPaper Print - printed event fabric

Customise your display or interior with your own design on the printable version of DropPaper. 

Velours CS Print - printed fabric

A unique IFR fabric with a smooth velvet texture.

PolarisVoile CS Print - printed sheer fabric

Luxurious printable sheer fabric that polarises the light in one direction.

Velours Transsonic CS Print - printed fabric

A unique printed velvet!

SonoMesh Print - acoustic fabric

A durable and sound-absorbing material featuring stunning print results!

Backlit Premium Print - printed fabric

Flexible print fabric for impressive backlit cubes and print frames.

Speaker Mesh Print - printed mesh

Perforated mesh fabric, ideal as a ceiling or speaker cloth. Acoustically transparent.

Backlit DeLux Print - printed fabric

This high-quality print fabric is extra-wide and features very bright and intense colours when backlit.

Blackout Double Print - printed fabric

A printable blackout fabric with a white backing that improves the acoustics of a room.

Molton CS Print - printed fabric

Our inherently and permanently flame retardant Molton CS is now also available for print!

Cyclo 300 CS Print - printed fabric

This heavy-weight cyclorama is perfect for high-definition prints in a wide range of applications.

Cyclo 80 CS Print - printed cyclorama

An inherently flame retardant muslin that is perfect for printed interior or event decorations.

Satinac Print - printed fabric

قماش لامع يشبه الحرير ، وهو مثالي للأقمشة المزيّنة والمثالي للاستخدام في عمليات الكشف الأنيقة.

Blackout Flex BB Print - printed fabric

للطباعة على قماش blackout fabric.