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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

SonoMesh Acoustic Fabric
SonoMesh Sound Absorbing Fabric
SonoMesh Acoustic Fabric
SonoMesh Sound Absorbing Fabric


This jack-of-all-trades combines sound absorption with strength, flexibility and low maintenance, making it perfect for large public areas. Looking for a fully personalised solution? SonoMesh is printable as well!

Use it to dress concert venues, multipurpose halls and sports centres with creative wall coverings, stunning fabric ceilings, panel upholstery or roll-up banners. SonoMesh can even be used in humid environments such as aqua parks, as the durable acoustic material is insensitive to moisture and chlorine.

Welding the sound-absorbing fabric allows for custom acoustic shapes, complicated designs or extended free spans. It even makes a perfect window blind or shading solution, because of its strength, low-maintenance and durability.

In short: an all-round acoustic material!



كود المقالالعرضالطولالوزن

1750 0270 #

270 cm

± 40 m

620 g/m²

73% PVC + 27% PES
مقياس مقاومة اللهب: 
DIN-B1 / EN-B-s2,d0 / NFPA 701