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Visual performance: The Little Mermaid

AV&Entertainment • An impressive spectacle, taking the audience on a magical journey under the sea! (in Dutch)

Interview with Sandra Fischer (ShowTex Netherlands)

Interview with Sandra Fischer

AV&Entertainment • ShowTexer Sandra Fischer in the picture. (in Dutch)

ShowTex Trade Show Calendar

ShowTex Trade Show Calendar

We can't wait to meet you somewhere on the road. Here is a list of the events ShowTex will be attending between now and the end of 2018. We'll see you there!

De Roma

mondo*dr - ShowTex improved the acoustics of this one-of-a-kind Belgian concert hall. (in English)

Transparency and reflection

Creating stunning special effects with alternative projection surfaces.

theme park design

ShowTex adds magic to your theme park

The art of theme park design is not only about thrills and chills, it's about telling a story, setting a mood and making visitors forget reality when they enter your magical world.

Black Event Drapes for Professionals

Black Event Drapes for Professionals

Some tips and tricks every event professional should know when it comes to functional black event drapes.

La Perle

mondo*dr - Franco Dragone takes the world by storm with his latest immersive creation, La Perle, featuring star cloths, Velours curtains and DMX ChainTracks! (in English)

projection on scrim

صنع السحر مع عرض على السكريم

لا يوجد شيء أكثر إثارة للإعجاب من الصورة التي تظهر فجأة من الهواء الرقيق، ولكن تحقيق صورة عائمة مثالية أو الكائن الظاهري يمكن أن يكون تحديا كبيرا.

Office Acoustics

صوتيات المكاتب

تحسین جودة صوتيات المكاتب الصغيرة إلى المكاتب المتوسطة الحجم


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