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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

اللغة الخضراء

تتنوع اشكال استخدام اللغة الخضراء بشكل واسع وتختلف في المصطلحات المستخدمة وقد لا تكون دائما واضحة جدًا. هذه اللمحة أدناه ستوضح المعاييرالمستخدمة لتحديد استدامة منتجاتنا.

ShowTex Asia at Live Entertainment Expo Tokyo 2023

10 minutes with Jan Blomme

Did you know that in addition to an office in Hong Kong, ShowTex Asia has two offices in Shanghai as well? We talked to the managing director of ShowTex Asia to get an update on how things are going.

Onshoring profits and productivity

Specialty Fabrics Review • Onshoring and nearshoring provide manufacturers with streamlined eciencies and happier customers. (in English)

Terhal by Dragone

Terhal by Dragone

TPIMEA • A purpose-built venue in Diriyah hosts a dazzling theatrical performance that celebrates the rich history and culture of Saudi Arabia. (in English)

Corporate social responsibility at ShowTex

Corporate social responsibility at ShowTex

As a global organisation, ShowTex values a socially healthy environment for everyone it works and collaborates with. These are the actions we take on a daily basis to maintain a high level of corporate social responsibility.

Eco-friendly ceiling decoration at fashion show Tomorrow Denim

Green initiatives in an eco-challenging industry

One of the main challenges in the event and entertainment industry is sustainability. But luckily, things are changing fast. At ShowTex, the most eco-friendly solution is always the goal. If we can add a green touch, we will!

This is going to be our year

ONDERNEMERS • Interview with the Managing director of the ShowTex headquarters in Belgium. "Better to stand out in a niche sector, than to be mediocre in a giant, competitive industry" (in Dutch)

ShowTex, the reveal company

The right reveal system will certainly take your opening or launch to the next level. Are you ready to dazzle your guests with the breath-taking effect of unveiling and roll-up systems?

Picture of team ShowTex USA and Canada

10 minutes with Thomas Van Lokeren

We spoke to the Managing Director of ShowTex US & Canada about his experiences with starting up a new branch in the middle of a pandemic.

How to choose the right Dance & Event Floor?

ShowTex offers a variety of performance and event floor surfaces for permanent, semi-permanent and temporary applications in a wide range of colours and finishes.