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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

PolarisVoile CS - sheer
PolarisVoile CS - sheer

PolarisVoile CS

Inherently and permanently flame retardant sheer that polarises the light in one direction. Is used to create all sorts of light effects: The effect of rain in combination with a starcloth, or sky, sea or northern lights with Slitdrape.

Creating the Aurora Borealis stage effect is easy and inexpensive with PolarisVoile: Install ShowTex PolarisVoile in front of a metallic silver SlitDrape. Add a fan behind the scenes to set the SlitDrape in motion. Light the SlitDrape from behind the PolarisVoile curtain creating a reflection between the SlitDrape and the back of the PolarisVoile. Make sure no light hits the PolarisVoile directly. Sit back and enjoy the magical Northern Lights shimmering in front of you.



Article codeWidthLengthWeight

3410 0505 0003

520 cm

± 60 m

75 g/m²

3410 0300 #

308 cm

± 60 m

75 g/m²

100% TCS
Flame retardancy standard: 
NFP-M1 / BS-2B / DIN-B1 / EN-B-s1,d0