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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

GiantMirror installation - performance with mirrors
A mystical effect with transparent GiantMirror foil
Automobile Barcelona - projections on AV Drop
Automobile Barcelona
AV Drop event decoration in action
Final Four Euroleague - projection
Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four
Circular scrim projections
Corporate Gala Tent
See-through tent cover
Silvana Imam on tour with satin stage drapes
Silvana Imam
On tour with glossy Satinac drapes
Losing her voice - projection on spaghetti string curtain
Losing her voice
Projection on white string curtains
Al Shindagha Museum
Top-notch printed display fabrics & screens in custom frames
FKJ Tour - projection on black voile
FKJ Tour
Black Voile CS for artistic video projection
Taste of Hong Kong - DekoMolton fabric ceiling
Taste of Hong Kong
White DekoMolton as tent lining
Clara Luciani in concert
Laser-cut backdrop for a grand effect
Tourist LeMC - StretchTulle projection surfaces
Tourist LeMC
Modular StretchTulle projection surfaces
BERG - printed fabrics
BERG - Raumteid
Printed backdrop creates mountain vibe on stage

Recent Projects

From theatrical performances, operas and ballets to the most extravagant special events and effects, ShowTex drapes are at home in any kind of setting.

President's Sports Awards

An amazing show with live mapping on a curved moving screen.

Amazonia at the MEG

Over 2000 m2 of flame-retardant fabrics to recreate the Amazon rainforest

Le Dernier Panache

Probably one of the most daring shows Puy Du Fou ever created.

Sunset Party

Bringing the outside in with creative textiles by ShowTex.

PolyStretch P8 CS Matt @ SNDP 2016

Singapore National Day Parade

Representing Singapore's vision for 2065 ft. PolyStretch P8 CS Matt & Universal Stretch Print.

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Colourfully lit cylinders made out of white Spaghetti Budget accommodated some of the great dancers.

Retro projection screen from ShowTex as LED wall diffuser

Doe Maar

RP Anthracite by ShowTex in front of a gigantic LED wall of 24 m wide by 6 m high creates a pixel-free image.

Minimalistic set with mesh fabrics by ShowTex for Swan Lake

Swan Lake

John Otto strikes again with a monochrome setting for a minimalistic interpretation of Swan Lake, performed by the Scottish Ballet.

Simply Red on world tour with ShowTex projection screens

Big Love tour - Simply Red

Eight trapezium-shaped FP Blackout projection screens by ShowTex created a plethora of looks during Simply Red's Big Love tour.

Eye-catching light pillars @ Soenda Festival ft. stretch fabrics by ShowTex.

Soenda Festival

Turning a lighting tower into a decorative feature with a colourful range of PolyStretch fabrics by ShowTex.

The Sessions: projection screens and roll-up systems in action

The Sessions

Sixteen panels of FP XL Mesh projection screens on HiSpeed Roll-Up set this audio-visual extravaganza in motion.

AluShape molding cloth


Belgian visual artists Sofie Lachaert and Luc d’Hanis created a theatrical landscape featuring AluShape Cretonne by ShowTex.