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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Enormous AluShape mountain on stage
Projection on textured backdrop revives The Tempest by Shakespeare
Glossy interior design for album launch
Reflective vinyl adds suspense to album release event
Printed museum displays
High-quality print fabrics bring Notre Dame de Paris to Shanghai
Fabric room dividers define exhibition layout
Elastic mesh, prints and screens allow for creative museum display
Printed backdrops for Charlie the Musical
Blackout fabrics with cutouts and prints make amazing backdrops
Stage-wide backdrop print for Beyoncé
Printed projection screens welded into giant outdoor cyclorama
Velvets and wool for multi-purpose spaces at Amare
Acoustic wool and decorative velvets allow Amare to adapt to any setting
Sheer stage fabrics at performance NYX
Beautifully lit sheers submerge the stage in a colourful glow
Outdoor projection scrim Cielorama breaks world records
XL projection net on skyscraper steals the show
360° immersive projections of artworks
Art expo with immersive imagery on 600m² projection materials
Immersive projection mapping on scrim
Mesmerising projections generate captivating expo experience
GiantMirror stage decoration for Mama
Large circular mirror adds new perspective on stage

Recent Projects

From theatrical performances, operas and ballets to the most extravagant special events and effects, ShowTex drapes are at home in any kind of setting.

Printed textiles shape entrance for UAE National Day

Festive fabric tunnels and room partitions

Printing on blackout and see-through sheer fabric results in marvellous 3D effects.

Wide Wool Serge drape dresses up international expo Triennale di Milano

Wool Serge drape for expo Triennale di Milano

One 51,5 meters wide Wool Serge curtain proved its versatility at this international exhibition.

Immersive sports awards opening act

Holographic projections on PepperScrim

Sports award ceremony opener with immersive hologram effects on a projection net.

Immersive projections on expo entrance

Immersive mirrors serve as expo entrance

Glassless mirrors reflecting LED projections create a unique entrance for this exhibition.

Colourful light effects on velvet stage backdrop

Velvet backdrop sets retro vibe on stage

Versatile velvet drapes mimic a retro big band scene on every stage they swing by.

Projections on transparent scrim stirr the audiences curiosity at this car show

Stylish car launch using roll-up systems

Invisible projection scrims and venetian roll-up systems define this car launch.

Artist reveal using HiSpeed Reveal systems and mind-stirring Spinnaker textiles

Artist reveal at Malumas touring concert

Four HiSpeed Reveal systems turn singer Malumas opening act into one to remember.

Infinite aisle effect using XL Giantmirror glassless mirrors

Printed & velvet wedding decorations

Backlit printed fabrics and dreamy red velvets dress up this wedding venue.

Foggy glass effect on matte projection foil

Projection on see-through stage fabric

Immersive projection spectacle using matte PVC and retro projection fabric.

Kabuki 30 reveal systems drop XL fabric to reveal brand-new buidling

Bank reveal with impressive curtain drop

No less than 28 Kabuki drop systems steal the show at this building reveal.

Sound-absorbing curtains improved church acoustics

Curtains for improved church acoustics

Acoustic sheers add a decorative touch, whilst optimising the sound of this former church.

Cutout blackout fabrics on a custom-bent OrientTrack rail system for Floriade Expo

Cutout fabrics on a custom-bent rail system

Light-blocking wall coverage on a custom-bent curtain track dress up Art Pavilion M.