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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Printed theming fabrics at Puy du Fou
Print fabrics immerse audience in black and white film setting
Immersive glassless mirror ceiling at art expo
Immersive art experience with glassless mirrors
Flame-retardant metallic fabric spreads golden glow
LurexVoile 100 Crunch shapes 3D light show
Terhal: prints & projection on stage fabrics
Cultural spectacle by Dragone with print fabrics and projection materials
Light-diffusing décor for onboard cabaret spectacle
Backlit diffuser fabric sets the tone at cruise show.
Rental velvets at Belt & Road Summit conference
Renting fabrics adds eco-friendly touch to international congress
Stage velvets complete theatre venue
Velours Delta brings elegance & versatility to U Venue
Enhancing acoustics at music chapel
Made-to-measure curtains for adaptable acoustics
Creative projection surfaces at Sound of Dunhuang
Ultra-light fabrics, string curtains and creative projection surfaces
Theatrical time travel through projection fabrics
Projection surfaces take centre stage at the heart of this theatre production
Theming fabrics for SeaWorld Abu Dhabi
Printed backdrops elevate the theme park experience.
Voile CS, dynamic touring backdrop
Captivating Voile CS backdrop sets the scene for Rover concert

Recent Projects

From theatrical performances, operas and ballets to the most extravagant special events and effects, ShowTex drapes are at home in any kind of setting.

Ultra-fast reveal system shows off its skills at car show

Reveal systems shine at Auto Shanghai

Reveal systems premiere car after car at this motor show and leave the audience in awe.

Glassless mirrors: Reflective infinity for Thierry Mugler

Glassless mirrors: Reflective infinity for Thierry Mugler

A GiantMirror infinity setup displays the fashion designer’s work in an unforgettable way.

Rupert Museum design featuring decorative display fabrics by ShowTex

Museum design with decorative display fabrics

Coloured, decorative drapes subtly enhance the exhibition halls of The Rupert Museum.

Golden glassless mirrors turn out the perfect luxury event decoration

Golden GiantMirror: Luxurious event decoration

Golden GiantMirror lifts the event experience of Moët & Chandon to a whole new level.

Display fabrics at Islamic Arts Biennale

A mesmerizing museum journey shaped by a giant amount of FR display fabrics.

colourful imagery on projection tulle sets the tone for musical Las Aventuras de Frida

Colourful projections on layered stage tulle

Colourful imagery on projection tulle sets the tone for musical Las Aventuras de Frida.

Decorative sheers alongside the catwalk

Catwalk topped with sustainable ceiling fabrics

Eco-friendly deco fabrics dress up the runway of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

light diffusing textiles by ShowTex

Light-diffusing fabrics immerse the scene

Backlit projection screen diffuses light and sets the tone of theatre production MUTE.

Golden stage backdrop on tour

Elegant string curtain backdrop on tour

String curtain set pieces create intimate scene on stage for Marion Ravn’s touring performance.

AluShape mountain, De Störm - Tutti Fratelli

Enormous AluShape mountain on stage

A lightweight molding cloth backdrop turns into a giant mountain through projection and light effects. This is AluShape at its very best.

Iota Lous and the Yakuza ft LaqueFoil by ShowTex

Glossy interior design for album launch

Tables covered in shiny blue foil add suspense to this album release dinner.

Notre Dame de Paris ft printed displays and flooring by ShowTex

Printed museum displays

High-quality print fabrics and innovative technology transport the visitors of this exhibition to a whole different world.