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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Beyoncé at Atlantis the Royal
Stage-wide backdrop print for Beyoncé
Printed projection screens welded into giant outdoor cyclorama
Custom-dyed Velours Zeus CS by ShowTex front curtain
Velvets and wool for multi-purpose spaces at Amare
Acoustic wool and decorative velvets allow Amare to adapt to any setting
Sheer stage fabrics by ShowTex at NYX in Canada
Sheer stage fabrics at performance NYX
Beautifully lit sheers submerge the stage in a colourful glow
Outdoor projection scrim Cielorama at Noor festival in Riyadh
Outdoor projection scrim Cielorama breaks world records
XL projection net on skyscraper steals the show
Immersive art expo with large-scale projection screens
360° immersive projections of artworks
Art expo with immersive imagery on 600m² projection materials
Sensory expo experience using immersive projections on gauze
Immersive projection mapping on scrim
Mesmerising projections generate captivating expo experience
Slanted mirror stage decoration
GiantMirror stage decoration for Mama
Large circular mirror adds new perspective on stage
Printed textiles shape entrance for UAE National Day
Festive fabric tunnels and room partitions
Printed event decor makes history come alive
Wide Wool Serge drape dresses up international expo Triennale di Milano
Wool Serge drape for expo Triennale di Milano
Versatile use of Wool Serge Colour at international exhibition
Immersive sports awards opening act
Holographic projections on PepperScrim
Immersive video mapping effects on invisible scrim
Immersive projections on expo entrance
Immersive mirrors serve as expo entrance
Projection and reflection effects on GiantMirror
Colourful light effects on velvet stage backdrop
Velvet backdrop sets retro vibe on stage
Touring with custom-dyed stage velours

Recent Projects

From theatrical performances, operas and ballets to the most extravagant special events and effects, ShowTex drapes are at home in any kind of setting.

Acoustic Velours curtain in recording studio

Acoustic velours curtain at recording studio

Sound-absorbing velvets dress up and improve this music production studio.

XL projections on outdoor Cielorama scrims at Sky Song

XL projections on outdoor Cielorama scrims at Sky Song

Immersive video mapping on an extra-wide outdoor projection gauze.

Golden mirrorfoil ceiling decorations and printed voile expo design

Golden mirror expo display for Maison Cartier

Custom-shaped mirrors offer a unique view on Cartier’s jewellery collection.

GiantMirror mirrorfoil kaleidoscope effect

GiantMirror for the world’s largest kaleidoscope

Reflective mirror foil shapes stunning kaleidoscope installation.

Large scale event decoration at LOS40 Music Awards

Video mapping cyclorama

360° of fabric projection mapping got the party started at the Palma Mallorca’s velodrome.

Stretch fabric sculpture for Oslo National Theatre

Stretch fabric sculpture for Oslo National Theatre

Stretch fabric takes a leading role as a 3D projection surface onstage.

Custom coloured stretch fabrics mask the installation at the 50the UAE National Day

Custom coloured masking fabrics for 50 years UAE

Stretch fabrics in custom brown ensure the National Day ceremony stands out.

Bright yellow separation drapes generate multi-purpose room

Colourful separation drapes for the Muntpunt Library

Colourful partition drapes turn a library into a creative multi-purpose room.

Satinac backdrop for l'Occasione Fa il Ladro

Glossy festoon for L’Occasione Fa il Ladro

Glamorous Austrian Satinac décor for this contemporary opera buffa.

Acoustic multi-layered curtain set-up for the M+ Museum

Acoustic drapes for M+ Museum

XL blackout curtains determine the look, feel and acoustics of the M+ Museum.

Nostalgic television studio setting on a stage

Velvets for theatre performance TALK SHOW

A velours backdrop sets the tone in this nostalgic theatre performance.

Velvet separation drapes for multi-purpose office

Acoustic Office Partitions

An extra-wide partition drape turns this office into a multi-functional workspace.