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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Artist reveal using HiSpeed Reveal systems and mind-stirring Spinnaker textiles
Artist reveal at Malumas touring concert
HiSpeed Reveal systems unveil artist on stage
Infinite aisle effect using XL Giantmirror glassless mirrors
Printed & velvet wedding decorations
Infinite mirror aisles and printed wedding interior
Foggy glass effect on matte projection foil
Projection on see-through stage fabric
Play of light and shadow on semi-transparent foil
Kabuki 30 reveal systems drop XL fabric to reveal brand-new buidling
Bank reveal with impressive curtain drop
Daisy-chained Kabuki drop systems show off their reveal skills
Sound-absorbing curtains improved church acoustics
Curtains for improved church acoustics
Acoustic fabrics turn church into pleasant ceremony venue
Cutout blackout fabrics on a custom-bent OrientTrack rail system for Floriade Expo
Cutout fabrics on a custom-bent rail system
Museum design using light-blocking fabrics
The Galileo Project - Touring open air cinema - Outdoor projection screen
Open air cinema screen
Perforated projection screen ensures the best views in town
Backlit translucent fabrics define the mood on stage
Clever set design with light diffusing fabric
Inflatable projection spheres at world exposition Expo 2020 Dubai
Hardware and textile solutions for world expo
Countless m² of projection screens, prints, masking solutions and more
Acrobatic backdrops & splendid reveals - FUZION by Cirque du Soleil - Immersive video mapping on projection screen backdrop
Acrobatic backdrops and splendid reveals
ShowTex fabrics spotted in every corner of this circus show
Immersive projections on theatre scrim
See-through GiantMirror box on stage
Projection on glassless mirror
Acoustic Velours curtain in recording studio
Acoustic velours curtain at recording studio
Sound reverberation on point thanks to acoustic fabrics

Recent Projects

From theatrical performances, operas and ballets to the most extravagant special events and effects, ShowTex drapes are at home in any kind of setting.

GiantMirror Icosahedron

Mirror effect at SAGA Festival

An enormous outdoor GiantMirror structure steals the show at SAGA Festival.

XL printed cyclorama as theming fabric

Theming fabrics for the Universal Beijing Resort

Printed fabrics and blackout textiles complete the themed experience.

Woollen acoustic curtains and sheer stage props

Acoustic wool turns former prison into performance venue

Musical performance features elegant sheers and sound-absorbing drapes.

Car launch using a giant mirror

Astonishing car launch using GiantMirror mirror foil

GiantMirror provides a 360 car display and unique views at this auto exhibit.

Decorative ceiling cloths for theme park performance

Custom-printed theming fabrics for Puy Du Fou

Old-looking ceiling cloths take you back into Spanish history.

Expo design with backlit muslin canvasses and transparent sheers

Layered sheers dress up Art Jewel Exhibit

Expo box with layered translucent fabrics attracts the attention.

Reflective mirror foil videoclip set

Mirror panel stage for the videoclip of Bazart

Mirror foil panels create a unique video clip setting.

Projection on a versatile string curtain backdrop

MUTE - string curtain décor

A dynamic string decor adds even more spectacle to this circus show.

Blue backlit backdrop to dress up the Hiroshima videoclip

Versatile DekoTaft for Claire Laffuts Music Video

An XL, backlit fabric sets the tone of this video clip.

Printed translucent fabric walls for Christian Diors pop-up store

Printed fabric walls for the Lady Dior Pop-up Store

Translucent fabric walls stir the curiosity of every Christian Dior fan.

360 immersive projections of famous artworks in museums

1000m² of projection fabrics for the Gustav Klimt expo

Immersive projections lift your museum visit to the next level.

Car launch using HiSpeed Reveal unveiling system

Car reveal at the Guangzhou Motor Show

HiSpeed Reveal left the audience in awe at this motor show.