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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Cyclorama magic brings Cinderella to life
Spectacular set design uses hand-painted Cyclo 200 canvas to set the scene
Mirrors all-around at GITEX GLOBAL
Glassless mirrors show off their wits at annual trade show event
Entering the future with PepperScrim
Highly-transparant gauze evokes musical illusions
Record-breaking mesh screen for resort opening
Projection mapping on 300-meter-tall facade wrapped in elastic mesh
Backlit prints & kaleidoscopic mirrors at CityScape Global
Backlit prints and infinite reflections at real estate conference
Printed theming fabrics at Puy du Fou
Print fabrics immerse audience in black and white film setting
Immersive glassless mirror ceiling at art expo
Immersive art experience with glassless mirrors
Flame-retardant metallic fabric spreads golden glow
LurexVoile 100 Crunch shapes 3D light show
Terhal: prints & projection on stage fabrics
Cultural spectacle by Dragone with print fabrics and projection materials
Light-diffusing décor for onboard cabaret spectacle
Backlit diffuser fabric sets the tone at cruise show.
Rental velvets at Belt & Road Summit conference
Renting fabrics adds eco-friendly touch to international congress
Stage velvets complete theatre venue
Velours Delta brings elegance & versatility to U Venue

Recent Projects

From theatrical performances, operas and ballets to the most extravagant special events and effects, ShowTex drapes are at home in any kind of setting.

light diffusing textiles by ShowTex

Light-diffusing fabrics immerse the scene

Backlit projection screen diffuses light and sets the tone of theatre production MUTE.

Golden stage backdrop on tour

Elegant string curtain backdrop on tour

String curtain set pieces create intimate scene on stage for Marion Ravn’s touring performance.

AluShape mountain, De Störm - Tutti Fratelli

Enormous AluShape mountain on stage

A lightweight molding cloth backdrop turns into a giant mountain through projection and light effects. This is AluShape at its very best.

Iota Lous and the Yakuza ft LaqueFoil by ShowTex

Glossy interior design for album launch

Tables covered in shiny blue foil add suspense to this album release dinner.

Notre Dame de Paris ft printed displays and flooring by ShowTex

Printed museum displays

High-quality print fabrics and innovative technology transport the visitors of this exhibition to a whole different world. 

Shaped by the sea ft projections screens by ShowTex

Fabric room dividers define exhibition layout

Mesh fabrics, prints and immersive projection screens turned this exhibition into an engaging visual experience.

Printed backdrops for Charlie the Musical

Printed fabrics and blackout textiles create magic on this musical’s stage. 

Beyoncé at Atlantis the Royal

Stage-wide backdrop print for Beyoncé

Printed stage backdrop of over 500m² sets the tone during Beyoncé’s outdoor concert. 

Custom-dyed Velours Zeus CS by ShowTex front curtain

Velvets and wool for multi-purpose spaces at Amare

Versatile textiles, tracks and vinyl flooring for culture and conference centre Amare. 

Sheer stage fabrics by ShowTex at NYX in Canada

Sheer stage fabrics at performance NYX

Voile CS stage decorations shape an elegant universe where circus, dance and visual arts meet. 

Outdoor projection scrim Cielorama at Noor festival in Riyadh

Outdoor projection scrim Cielorama breaks world records

1500+ m² of outdoor projection mesh was the highlight of Noor Festival.

Immersive art expo with large-scale projection screens

360° immersive projections of artworks

Front projection screens and Molton masking fabric display Monet’s art in high resolution.