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Acoustic Baffle
Acoustic Baffle
Acoustic Baffle
Acoustic Baffle

Acoustic Baffle

The Baffle proves sustainability and noise level control can go hand in hand. The new acoustic fabric panels are made from 100% recycled material compressed together to optimize sound conditions.

Noise standards and regulations concerning maximum noise levels during live performances make optimal sound quality more important than ever before. Furthermore, the acoustic conditions of venues themselves determine the majority of sound quality factors. Acoustic conditions can often be improved by using sound dampening drapes. ShowTex went a step further and developed a new Acoustic Baffle for ultimate sound performance.


ShowTex commissioned the University of Leuven (Belgium) to carry out independent research on its top acoustic materials. The conclusion of the study proved that by combining different sound absorbing textiles the acoustic quality could be improved. Continued testing resulted in a unique combination and mixture of recycled materials that produced excellent acoustic results.


The Acoustic Baffle (or sound baffle) is filled with flame retardant treated shredded cotton remnants of recycled fabrics. ShowTex produces pressed acoustic filling into sound dampening matting and manufactures this through a unique process into the Acoustic Baffle.


The ShowTex Acoustic Baffle can be rolled up for easy transport and storage. Hook-and-loop finishing around the Baffle makes it simple to connect the panels together and combine different panel formats for a modular installation. The Acoustic Baffle is just as suitable for temporary events as for fixed installations and is finished with tie lines for easy rigging.



Article codeWeightLengthWidth

Acoustic Baffle

8185 8000 2007

9.6 kg

2 m

140 cm

Suspension Belts

8185 9600 1007

125 g/rm

per meter

8185 9600 1407

185 g/belt

140 cm

8185 9600 2007

250 g/belt

200 cm

8185 9600 3007

375 g/belt

300 cm

Flame retardancy standard: 
BS-2B / NFP-M3
More info: 

Weights are per panel
Recycled material