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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Sónar Festival

Barcelona, Spain
January 2015

ShowTex curtain tracks, temporary wall solutions, printed backdrops and Molton drapes dressed all 8 stages of the three-day electronic and advanced music festival in Barcelona.

Over 3000 square meters of black Molton drapes were used all over the Spanish festival site as a budget-friendly light masking solution, while two of the concert halls turned completely blue (SonarDome) and red (SonarHall) as a result of 2400 square meters of decorative Molton curtains covering the surrounding walls of both venues.

ShowTex hardware was also omnipresent at the festival: various stages featured ShowTrack or ShowPipe rail systems and 300m of the ShowTex EasyDrape pipe and drape display, combined with prints, were used to create branded separation walls all around the event.