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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion


Tour in France & Belgium
November 2019

With a playful combination of projections and mobile fabric frames, the musical ensemble La Française creatively revitalised classical Baroque music.

Semi-transparent cotton cycloramas

History came to life as stunning images of baroque architecture decorated various layers of projection fabrics on stage.

Projecting onto cotton? Why not! A clever combination of Cyclo panels in different thicknesses was key to this artistic effect. Tensioning the Cyclo 200 and Cyclo 75 screens in Double Print Frames even transformed them into performers themselves. Whenever the panels were moved across the stage, the translucent fabrics formed a fascinating ballet of shadow and light onto the 6-metre wide cyclorama behind them. Made from Cyclo 200, the cotton backdrop was the perfect fabric projection surface for the stylish historical visuals defining the mood.

EasyDrape masking solution

Keeping your audience focussed on where the action is? Simply use EasyDrape pipe & drape with Molton masking drapes to delimit the stage. Fixing the curtains to the profiles with hook-and-loop fasteners will make the concert visuals contrast beautifully with the sober and discreet surrounding. As the profiles can be easily adjusted to any type of space, this system makes a great touring solution as well!

To finish it all off, the ensemble used a black SolinFix stage carpet with an anti-slip backing to ensure a sleek and neutral flooring in every venue they played.


"Hypotyposis, Music & Rocaille Architecture"
Atypical and poetic performance of the musical ensemble La Française for 4 musicians and projections of architectural photographs.
Designer: Aude Lestienne
Artistic Design: Aude Lestienne
Photographs: Nicolas Dehove
Directed by Florence Beillacou