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Acoustic Panel
Acoustic Panel
Acoustic Panel
Acoustic Panel
Acoustic Panel

Acoustic Panel

The Acoustic Panel is the latest acoustic development in the ShowTex product range. This durable panel ensures excellent sound absorption and is ideal for fixed installations.


ShowTex Acoustic Panels are mounted in a black or grey steel frame with overall dimensions of 120 x 60 x 4.5 cm. The panels can easily be connected to each other using rivet nuts or simply hang them vertically from the ceiling or on hooks in the walls.


The recycled acoustic filling of the panel is made from cotton fabric remnants that are shredded and treated by flame retardants. The filling is then pressed into sound dampening matting. Finished with fabric on both sides of the recycled core, the Acoustic Panel is available in a range of standard colours. Other colours are available on request.


ShowTex Acoustic Panels have a sound absorption coefficient of 1.00! Ideal for controlling the reverberation time in schools, offices, congress halls, recording studios and so much more.


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α(w) = 1.00
Sound absorption class: A

Article codeWidthLengthWeightThickness

8185 8000 #

60 cm

120 cm

6.4 kg/panel

4.5 cm

Flame retardancy standard: 
DIN-B2 (only black)
More info: 

Weights are per panel
Recycled material