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Laser-cut Fabrics

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Laser-cut Fabrics

Laser cutting is becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing process of stage curtains and event furnishings. ShowTex provides the latest in precision laser cutting technology, capable of producing multiple pieces of precisely cut patterns time after time. The extremely accurate cutting method enables us to reproduce your CAD-based artwork or vector drawings with mirror image accuracy.




Laser cutting is a technology that uses a computer to direct the output of a high-powered laser at the material to be cut. The laser either melts, burns or vaporizes the material away, while producing a smooth high-quality cut edge and surface finish.

Our 15 meter long in-house laser bed is able to cut fabric of virtually infinite length by registering the ends of the material being cut. This method also ensures maximum utilisation of the material with minimal waste.

The laser cutting process always produces a positive and a negative image. Depending on the design, both can be used. Either the negative or the positive is used as a stand-alone curtain and the cut-out parts can be attached to a carrier fabric.

laser-cut Molton attached to a light-diffusing pvc screen

laser-cut red velvet,
attached to satinac
lines indicating where the
laser will cut
positive cut-out of red velvet
on white fabric
negative cut-out of red velvet
on white fabric

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Choose a laser-cut fabric to add depth, texture and character to your backdrop. Its millimetre accuracy, clean cuts and sealed fabric edges to prevent fraying make this design method truly unique. In addition, it is far less labour-intensive and time-consuming than cutting by hand and this technique can be used to cut many different materials of virtually any length and a seamless width of up to 5m. The method also ensures maximum utilisation of material and minimum waste.

Use laser-cut designs onstage for personalised backdrops, scenic elements and foliage theatre curtains or dress your event or interior with customised ceiling covers, decorative divider walls created from fabric, unique curtain patterns and amazing lampshades.

Opaque laser-cut Molton on transparent black sheer

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A single drape with a self-supportive laser-cut design is one thing, combining different materials and techniques for an even more impressive effect is something else.

Create floating shapes by attaching an opaque cut fabric to a transparent voile or scrim with our double-sided adhesive tape. The right lighting will make the semi-transparent carrier fabric disappear so the laser-cut design virtually seems to float.

Or why not opt for a combination of laser-cut and printed backdrop? By adding a cut-out blackout fabric to the back of a print, certain print areas can be obscured when backlit, while the laser-cut will not be visible when the print is front lit. This creates two unique backdrops in one.

white Molton (negative cutout) backed by a sheer, on a roll-up

Attach a laser-cut design to a PVC projection screen or diffuser for amazing lighting effects and colourful cycloramas. Mount it into a ShowTex Print Frame for light boxes that really stand out. It is even possible to cut blackout fabrics as a creative masking solution for making organic-shaped screens.

The millimetre accuracy of this technique allows you to create stunning 3D effects by cutting out different layers of the exact same design and arranging them on top of each other with a small offset.

3D effect by combining various layers of laser-cut fabric

With ShowTex fabrics you can also create chandeliers using one or more layers of laser-cut textile that allows light to shine through. Great for adding a branding, logo or design element to your venue.

Combine laser-cut with glitter fabrics for luxurious-looking backdrops, customise your curtains with branding elements, combine different materials and colours, mount them on a roll-up system to add movement,…

white satinac on to black laservoile, backlit by a star cloth

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