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How to get creative with your printed backdrop

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Visual branding constitutes an important international language. Choosing to print your backdrops can thus create a memorable impact or instantly set the right mood. Whether you want to decorate your venue, cover the technical towers of your event, create a visual on stage, brand the launch of your new product or perhaps you just want a nice canvas for your office: the possibilities are endless. 

Select the desired material for your project from an extensive collection of flame-retardant print fabrics: transparent or opaque, textured or smooth, stretch or firm, back- or frontlit, you name it! ShowTex even offers eco-friendly options and fabrics with excellent acoustic values. 

The selected fabric and your deadline will define the best printing technique for your project. But it's not just about printing. The right finishing is priceless too. Whether you opt for hemming, eyelets, hook-and-loop fastener, welding or customized confectioning, all are done with the highest level of quality and care.

How to display your printed artwork? Come and talk to us about aluminium frame solutions that enable you to create stunning 2D and 3D printed structures that stand out.



Printed backdrops are great, but you can also take it one step further and use different printing processes or combine printing with other techniques to create a unique product.




Are you thinking to play with lighting to accentuate a specific area of your artwork or to add depth to your image? The special backlit/blackout print technique is perfect for this purpose.

With this technique, everything that is printed black will become fully blackout when backlit. All the other areas will light up beautifully and look stunning. You could also use this same effect with full-colour artwork to make the darker tones appear more dimmed than the lighter ones. 




If different textures and a luxurious finish are more your thing, check out this exciting technique.

By printing multiple layers of UV ink on a glossy material, you'll end up with a stylish matte pattern on a luxurious glossy fabric. Note that this technique can only be used with vector art patterns, but once you have seen it, you will surely want to try it!




There are multiple ways to combine laser-cut with print and every one of them adds to the creativity of your backdrop.

By mounting a laser-cut design onto a printed backdrop you can add just that extra spark to your drape. Or why not think outside of the box and attach a blackout laser-cut to the back of your print? This way you'll be able to obscure certain areas of the print with backlighting while the laser-cut itself will not be visible when the drape is front lit. This gives you two unique backdrops in one!

You can of course also laser-cut the actual print and mount it to a standard carrier fabric, or design a self-supporting cut and use the printed laser-cut drape as a striking stand-alone feature.

So many options to upgrade your backdrop and enhance its visual impact. Let your imagination run wild!




Most PVC screens are printable on the 5-meter-wide UV printer. The advantage of printing on projection screens is that they can be welded, allowing you the possibility to create front- and backlit backdrops up to any size!

By constantly improving our welding techniques, ShowTex can now create a strong but barely visible seam that is so thin you must look from up close to see it, even with backlighting! A technical masterpiece that will surely take your printed backdrop to the desired next level.




Because there's no limit to your creativity. Digitally printed backdrops are an artistic and innovative way to brand your project and they are definitely easier to transport and install than any other decoration type.

Not quite convinced yet or looking for more ideas for your setup?