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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

AV Drop: Revolutionary Backdrop System

Product Innovations

AV Drop is a freestanding & modular system for creating sleek backdrop & temporary walls up to 6 meters high and of infinite width, in a minimum of time. The quick lock frame assembly guarantees a fast, easy & safe installation, and requires no rigging points nor woodworks on site.

Easy Configuration

Easily adjust the modular frame system to your own setup by combining the desired frames, fabric skins and screens.

Compact & lightweight

With the largest aluminum piece being only 175 cm long, AV Drop is ideal for platform carts, elevators and transport.

Fast installation

The reusable system with quick-lock frame assembly and hook-and-loop finishing guarantees a fast and safe installation.

Online configuration tool

What you see, is what you get! Create a lifelike visual of your setup using the online Stage Backdrop Configurator App.

The ultimate solution for every AV professional

AV Drop allows for projection screen integration, even panoramic rear screens are easily created. Set up example:
14 m wide x 4.1 m high with blackout fabric skin & 3 integrated rear screens = 3 technical staff and 4 hours set up time

Ask us about the AV Drop Starter Kit