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Corporate social responsibility at ShowTex

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Corporate social responsibility at ShowTex

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulated business model that helps a company create a socially healthy environment for everyone who works and collaborates with them. By practising CSR, ShowTex raises morale in the workplace, takes positive environmental actions and engages in efforts to positively impact employees, stakeholders and clients. In order to maintain a high level of corporate social responsibility, these actions are taken on a daily basis: 


Encourage inclusion, creativity & passion

Where passion brews for theatre and events, ShowTex is the first to encourage it and offer the necessary tools to make creative dreams come true. From working professionals to upcoming talents; both students and clients are often invited to the local offices. They are offered a closer look at how we work around here, and which fabric or hardware solution is offered for the broad range of applications requested. 

Interested in working at ShowTex? We’re always looking for talented people with a heart for the events and entertainment industry. 


In terms of inclusion, ShowTex Belgium offers individual vocational training to people that don’t speak the local language. This way, internal communication runs smoothly and the employee enjoys extra integrational benefits. A win-win for both the company and the trainee. 

As a global company, we are proud of our diverse team consisting of over 35 nationalities. One of the benefits of working with an international team? Being able to serve customers in more than 40 languages! In addition to diversity in origins, there’s also a nicely balanced mix of genders and ages at all the offices. Some of our co-workers have worked here for over 30 years and are more than happy to learn new colleagues all the ins and outs of working at ShowTex. 

Safety first

With the motto ‘better safe than sorry’ in mind, a group of ShowTex workers regularly follows First Aid courses. On top of that, an AED-system (defibrillator) was installed on the façade of the HQ building to always be prepared in case of an emergency at the office. The teams at ShowTex Shanghai and Hong Kong even receive regular lectures from the government on fire safety, while they inspect if the offices comply with local safety regulations. 

As we value the security of all co-workers, the ShowTex installation crews live by the 'Safety first' principle. They are trained to work in strict compliance with PPE (personal protective equipment) regulations, ensuring optimal protection and comfort for each site. ShowTex also aims to ensure that its suppliers and partners respect impeccable social and professional conditions. That's why a thorough check is carried out in the supplier selection process, in order to monitor the entire production chain and to verify compliance with the company's ethical charter. 

Wellbeing as a measure

A happy team equals a motivated and well-functioning team. That’s why ShowTex highly values the health, safety and welfare of all its employees by taking measures to boost their well-being as much as possible. How? The events industry can be fast-paced and demanding. It is therefore very important to monitor the workload of every team. We always strive to keep their tasks manageable on both a personal and departmental level. Luckily, ShowTex can always count on the ShowTex family to lend their colleagues a hand whenever needed. 

To keep track of everyone’s personal well-being, a confidential advisor is appointed in every ShowTex branch. This trust person offers a sympathetic, unbiased ear to anyone who needs it and initiates actions to relieve stress and worries where possible.  

Mens sana in corpore sano. In terms of a healthy lifestyle, ShowTex is always game. From office yoga sessions and other small sports initiatives to weekly fruit baskets at work, we always support our team in leading a healthy life. 

All-inclusive team

Whenever feasible, ShowTex also promotes and encourages the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace and in working life in general. Hence the close and long-standing collaboration with “De Leerexpert”, which is a school for students with intellectual disabilities. These students regularly get the opportunity to work at the ShowTex office, with increasing responsibilities to stimulate their independence and personal development. 

Besides working with these students, ShowTex consciously chooses to collaborate with companies that employ people with an acknowledged distance from the regular job market. Special attention goes out to those with mental disabilities, as they produce plenty of the hardware components in our technics range

Finally, the ShowTex workspaces, products and services are as accessible and inclusive as possible, to make sure anyone can handle and attain them. 

Sponsor locals

Where feasible, ShowTex encourages its employees to come to work by bike or public transport, since it has many benefits for both them and the environment. One of the many incentives is the annual Bike Day, where anyone who cycles to work gets a free bike check and breakfast in return.

But it doesn’t stop there, as the total amount of kilometres ridden by all colleagues is converted into money and donated to a local charity organisation. Whenever the opportunity arises to support a small, local organisation by donating money or fabrics, ShowTex is there to help. 

Thinking green

If it can be done in a green way, we’re probably already doing it. ShowTex always makes ecology a priority, in the production process, the distribution and anywhere else possible. 


But there are many smaller initiatives as well that contribute to ShowTex’ green story. From handing out reusable drinking bottles in replacement of single-use cups and straws to replacing old lighting with LED, we always opt for the most eco-friendly option. ShowTex project managers are more and more often spotted on the road using hybrid cars and new energy vehicles

ShowTex HQ even contributes to nature conservation, by maintaining its own beehives. Great for nature, but also for clients and co-workers, as we get to enjoy some lovely honey every now and then. 

Second lives for surplus fabrics

In the event sector, a lot of waste is generated through single-use fabrics, often customised and therefore no longer useable for other projects. But where possible, ShowTex tries to tackle this issue by offering rental solutions like hand-painted and printed textiles, or by reusing and renewing fabrics.

ShowTex South Africa regularly donates surplus fabrics to charity, and in The Netherlands, textiles are offered to youth organisations and rehabilitation centres. ShowTex Middle East and Hong Kong give away reusable scraps to schools, but also in the other branches fabrics are offered to hospitals and smaller organisations. 

Creative minds come with creative solutions, so the branches regularly organise in-house upcycling competitions. ShowTex employees are challenged to come up with innovative ideas to give a second life to used fabrics and hardware materials. Some of the visionary ideas that have actually been implemented in the branches worldwide are notebooks made from single-sided printed materials, mohair and Wool Serge tote bags, leftover fabric cushions, pencil cases and many more items used by ShowTex employees and clients worldwide. 

As a global organisation, ShowTex values the safety and well-being of is employees, paying a great deal of attention to close contact between clients, professionals and people within the company. We encourage creativity, discipline and conviviality, expressed through a shared passion and enthusiasm for the profession and the industry we are in. 

Feel like partnering up with ShowTex to work on your upcoming project?