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Screen Care & Maintenance

Buyer's Guide Screens

This article is part of our series: projection screen buyer guides.

Please follow the guidelines below carefully. This way you will be able to enjoy your screen problem-free for a long time.

First time use

Your screen has been manufactured with the greatest care. If you do notice any irregularities during unpacking, please contact us immediately before you commence with the installation.

Ideally a screen should be rolled up on a long enough round tube. To lower the shipping cost of our screens, ShowTex can offer a special box for carefully folded screens.

PVC screens can harden in a cold environment and soften in a warm one. Installation should at all times happen in an area with a steady temperature of about 18 degrees Celsius.

It is essential that the screen has acclimatised before unfolding. The unfolding in an unacclimatised state can lead to permanent damage such as folds or cracks. This damage can have an effect on the quality of projection.


Frontside of a screen

Unless stated differently, all screens are hung up with the matt side facing the public.



During installation, at all times work on a clean, flat and empty floor. It is advised to place a plastic sheet on the floor to protect your screen during installation. Avoid walking over the screen at all times. When unfolding the screen, start in such a way that you don’t have to drag it along the floor to reposition it after. The dragging can cause scratches.

The screen can be cleaned with tepid water and a gentle detergent. Hard stains can, only in rare occasions, locally be treated with an alcohol based mixture. Always first test in a corner or on a sample piece! (depending on the product this can give discolouration). Afterwards rinse with plenty of water.

The screen should always be properly wrapped during transport to avoid any damage. Never tip the flight case!


Using glue on the screen

Most projection screens are made from PVC. This a thermoplastic containing a hard material as its base product. To make the screen flexible, plasticizers are being added. This is important to know in case you want to stick different materials on to the screen. Some types of glue can react to these plasticizers. Even an at first glance perfect adhesive can dissolve after a period of 48 hours. Please test in advance. Have a great Show!