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Velours Delta - stage velvet
Velours Delta - stage velvet
Custom-dyed velvet backdrop sets the tone at this touring production
Acoustic multi-layered drape for multi-purpose room
Velours Delta - stage velvet
Velours Delta - stage velvet

Velours Delta

Extra-wide and medium-weight synthetic stage velvet with good acoustic qualities. This inherently flame-retardant fabric is totally opaque. Its unique structure has a short pile which guarantees a deep mat colour. In short: an excellent masking drape!

Choose Velours Delta for touring shows, as it’s a wrinkle-resistant velvet. On top of that, the all-round fabric with minimum shrinkage can be used in humid environments such as water-themed theatre shows and amusement parks.

Velours Delta: the most durable and cost-effective stage velvet of its kind!



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1251 0210 #

210 cm

± 60 m

460 g/m²

100% PES FR
مقياس مقاومة اللهب: 
BS 5867 PART 2B (2008) / pass, NF P 92-507 / M1, NFPA 701 (2019) / pass, GB 8624-2012 / B1, AS 1530.3-1999, AS 1530.2-1993, EN 13773 (2003) / class 1
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