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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Tomorrowland - velvet curtain
Tomorrowland - velvet curtain
Tomorrowland - velvet curtain
Tomorrowland - velvet curtain

Tomorrowland 2017

Boom, Belgium
أغسطس 2017

Ever since the beginning, the biggest and most exclusive dance festival in the world counted on ShowTex’s flame-retardant fabrics to dress up its stages. This year’s theme “Amoricum Spectaculum” called for spectacular and massive circus curtains to impress the audience.

The first idea was a print on PVC, but this would have never had the same look and feel as it had now. Therefore, ShowTex customized the 12 m high and 20 m wide curtain in theatre red Velours Delta, which is an extra-wide and medium-weight synthetic stage velvet that features minimum shrinkage. Perfect for this large-scale outdoor application!

During the show, the impressive front curtain had to go up and down in the traditional Wagner style to cover or unveil the video wall behind it. This was a huge challenge since the curtain was mounted in a tent with a pointed top. Wagner curtains are usually twice the height of the stage area, mounted on a horizontal fly bar or rail. To overcome this, ShowTex invented an innovative rail system in ShowTrack, which followed the conical shape of the roof and allowed the curtain to open beautifully.

The front of the main stage area was finished with red borders in light-weight StretchVelours, masking the technical ceiling above the stage. The entire floor of the stage was fitted with black DanceCarpet Double. This light-weight dance floor was easy to clean in between the two festival weekends.

To add even more sparkle to the circus extravaganza, ShowTex installed a glamourous golden LurexVoile 100 Crunch inside a merry-go-round, lined with black Molton to prevent transparency. The festival’s fortune-teller on the other hand was backed by a purple metallic Galactica drape, setting a mysterious and spiritual mood.

Finally, ShowTex supplied a lot of black Molton and Juncko masking fabrics in order to finish stages and props all around the Tomorrowland festival site.