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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Volkswagen Car Launch

Shenzhen, China
يناير 2021

Volkswagen's latest car launch was a great success thanks to the use of Roll-Up systems and stunning light effects on glassless mirror foil. Get ready to enjoy the most festive automotive event of the year.

Panoramic reflective foil sets the tone

Stunning and colourfully lit images on glassless mirrors make sure the automotive show kicks off with a bang. Combining light reflections and see-through effects, the panoramic event decoration determines the entire atmosphere of the venue. One great feast! The reflective foil turns out to be great in combination with the LED screen, as it allows the colours and images to pass through in extraordinary quality. Volkswagen most definitely chose the perfect event fabrics to decorate the stage.

Roll-Up systems for jaw-dropping car reveals

The most splendid car reveals are the ones that contain an element of surprise. That’s why the designers chose to mount a grand black velvet curtain onto a motorised roll-up system. The completely opaque drape hid the whole set until it was raised to unveil the brand-new vehicles. A great spectacle for all viewers.

Thanks to the flame-retardancy of the chosen materials, the event decoration also fully complied with local regulations, allowing spectators to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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