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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Green initiatives in an eco-challenging industry

الذهاب الخضراء, آخر الأخبار
Eco-friendly ceiling decoration at fashion show Tomorrow Denim

It's no secret that one of the main challenges in the event and entertainment industry is sustainability. But luckily, things are changing fast. At ShowTex, the most eco-friendly solution is always the goal, at every step of the product-development process.

From offering clients a range of ecological products to furnishing the offices with solar panels for energy, if we can add a green touch, we most certainly will. Curious to know all the green ways of working around here? Then make sure to read on!



The mission

‘The greener the better’ is the all-around mindset at ShowTex. From initiatives like an ecology workgroup, to implementing sustainable processes and investing in a greener infrastructure, the objective is to always find the most eco-friendly solution for every request in- and outside the office.

Although generating waste during the production processes of hardware and fabric solutions is inevitable, all of us strive to reduce the use of natural recourses and to use them more efficiently. By working according to the principles of ‘reduce, reuse & recycle’, we consider all environmental aspects and energy use when purchasing, designing, renovating, renting and using workspaces.

The result? In-house recycling programs, collaborations with green suppliers and transport partners and even the very first range of eco-friendly stage fabrics around!


Eco-friendly partnerships

Any initiative, big or small, that can make our company more sustainable is welcomed with open arms. From product guides to sample binders and business cards, all the printed ShowTex artworks come from sustainable partners. The same goes for the ShowTex clothing, worn by our employees worldwide.

Where possible, fabrics are reused, and this can be in the most creative ways. It’s not the first time that ShowTex offices collaborate to turn surplus fabrics into useful items like tote bags or pen pouches. Green, and handy for our colleagues to use!

ShowTex Hong Kong even took it a step further and launched a major Upcycling Project, where they donated fabrics to artists who gave them a second life.



Green energy

Did you know that the Australian ShowTex office is completely self-sufficient? Wherever possible, ShowTex strives to reduce the consumption of resources as much as possible and to generate its own energy.

In 2014, ShowTex Belgium moved from Antwerp to Burcht, but only after optimising the building as much as possible. The office meets all modern requirements, from energy-efficient windows to LED armatures and motion-sensor-controlled lights-controlled lights, the building meets all modern requirements. Where possible, rainwater is captured and reused in order to lower overall water usage. Installing a large number of solar panels on top of the building was the cherry on the cake.

Some of the smaller ShowTex sales offices, like the one in Lyon, are located in co-working spaces. Energy-efficient, since the workspace doesn’t only house the ShowTex team, but also a mix of other organisations.


ECO by ShowTex

To treat stage curtains, the use of chemicals is unavoidable. However, by working with eco-friendly products and limiting the use of harmful substances during the production process, the carbon footprint of the fabric can be drastically reduced.

ShowTex hereby introduced its own “ECO by ShowTex”-label, awarded to all products that contribute to waste reduction and recycling, or the ones that use as little harmful products as possible.

Our eco-friendly stage fabrics are developed with textiles certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This is a uniform, worldwide testing and certification system for textile materials in their raw state, as well as for semi-finished and finished products at all manufacturing stages, aimed at limiting the use of harmful chemicals.

From durable theatre curtains to festival backdrops and affordable decorative textiles for green meetings, events and tradeshows,



Think global, act local

With more than 35 years of experience in the work field, ShowTex commits to preserving textile and mechanical know-how and to a quality approach that takes local resources into account. We're always on the cutting edge of innovation, striving every day to find the best compromise between the features of the resources and the distance to our workshops.

Certain ShowTex products were established based on customer needs and later reproduced in the other ShowTex branches using local supplies. We strive to maintain the same quality and production conditions in every branch worldwide, with close communication and sharing expertise.
The benefit? A reduction of our carbon footprint, without sacrificing product quality.

In short, the intention is to harmonise both the group and its skills, while enhancing each field, creating an ethical and safe local employment pool and adapting to and cultivating the qualities of each culture.

Although it remains a challenging process, ShowTex puts in a lot of work to make the ins and outs of the company as green as possible. And we’re always open to collaborating with ecological initiatives. Got an idea to help improve our green story?