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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

وسائل الاعلام في ShowTex

Onshoring profits and productivity

Specialty Fabrics Review • Onshoring and nearshoring provide manufacturers with streamlined eciencies and happier customers. (in English)

Terhal by Dragone

Terhal by Dragone

TPIMEA • A purpose-built venue in Diriyah hosts a dazzling theatrical performance that celebrates the rich history and culture of Saudi Arabia. (in English)

This is going to be our year

ONDERNEMERS • Interview with the Managing director of the ShowTex headquarters in Belgium. "Better to stand out in a niche sector, than to be mediocre in a giant, competitive industry" (in Dutch)

Creating hologram effects with textiles

ProScen • In the creation of hologram effects, there’s a major shift going on from complex mirror setups to creative projection textiles. How do scenographers do it, and at what cost?

Acoustic textiles turn former prison into theatre

AV&Entertainment • Acoustic wool and decorative sheers transformed the former dome prison of Breda into a unique performance venue. (article in Dutch)

A fully immersive theming experience

Park World • What does it take to create a fully immersive theming experience? Read it here (article in English).

Sacré-Coeur Basilica

mondo*dr • Scenographer Bruno Seillier designed a sensory discovery through the Bible that combines light, audio and over 1,100 sq metres of display fabrics by ShowTex. (in English)

The Prince of Egypt

LSI • ShowTex string curtains as alternative projection surface for The Prince of Egypt. (article in English)


TPI • An impressive outdoor Kabuki-drop with Rammstein's logo printed on Cyclo 300 CS by ShowTex. (in English)

The Addams Family

AV&Entertainment • While heavy-duty tracks set the full musical scenery in motion on stage, a large amount of flame-retardant fabrics made the typical Addams Family atmosphere come alive in the Luxor Theatre Rijnfoyer. (article in Dutch)