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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

The Rite of Spring - giant mirror
The Rite of Spring - giant mirror

The Rite of Spring

Stockholm, Sweden
يناير 2019

As the interaction between nature, technology and artificial intelligence becomes more and more real every day, choreographer Fredrik ‘Benke’ Rydman found the time right to cast an actual robot. By installing an angled mirror above it, the whole performance looked even more out of this world!

Tilted mirror ceiling

After the stunning ‘solo’ of Benke dancing with an industrial robot, 20 synchronised street dancers took the stage in a giant basin filled with 5000 litres of water. Suspended above their heads was a huge GiantMirror of 100 m2, tilted to reflect the action underneath. By carefully bouncing the images back into the audience, the mirror made sure they could fully experience the symmetry and the formation skills of the great dancers on stage.

Lighting and reflections

Combining reflections with lighting always adds to the drama of a piece. The effect of the lights hitting the dancers and the splashing water is only enhanced by its reflection in the mirrored ceiling, all adding to the sense of mystery of this revolutionary performance!