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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

10 minutes with Alan Scoley

آخر الأخبار
ShowTex Australia

With the Australia branch fully up and running, ShowTex adds yet another continent to its impressive list of offices. We had a chat with Alan Scoley, managing director of ShowTex Australia, who told us a bit more about the startup of the branch down under.  


What is so different about Showtex Australia, compared to other suppliers in the region?

Showtex Australia’s uniqueness comes from the same recipe as all the other ShowTex offices worldwide: A high-level customer service and profound technical knowledge combined with a lot of creativity. By standing out from the rest and staying ahead of the market, we make sure we have the latest and most innovative equipment to offer our clients. Obviously, we do this whilst keeping all our standards of health and safety to the max.

What are your plans for the Australian market?

Our plans are to introduce new and exciting fabrics and the latest hardware to the already existing marketplace. Our shop in Brookvale-Sydney features offices and a warehouse with a state of the art sewing atelier and a large variety of our bestsellers in fabrics and hardware.

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What are the challenges and opportunities facing the events industry in Australia?

With only 8 months into the marketplace here,  it’s very hard to comment this early on as to what the local challenges may be. But as stocks are in, ShowTex Australia is now up and running and ready to support the local event industry's needs with the professionalism and image which ShowTex office’s all over the world have set.

Are the requests coming in?

It is looking very promising. We already had some nice collaborations with, among others, Sydney Opera House and Vivid Sydney, and are working on many more. The events industry is a challenging business to be in with lots of hard work, long hours and tight deadlines, but the most important job of all is making sure our clients are happy and that is exactly our goal.

What are the challenges you had to conquer when opening the Australia branch?

So far, the only challenges we’ve faced have been estimating the shipping times, but after the first 8 months, I’m happy to say we have this problem sorted. Also, fire regulations are different compared to the rest of the world. Most of our bestseller items have already been rated according to Australian standards and the remaining batches are in progress of being tested.

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What makes the Australia branch stand out?

The Australia branch is making a mark just like the rest of the ShowTex offices around the world. We are here to deal with our client’s challenges and to support them in every way we can. The big advantage is that local clients can now benefit from our great range of products and services for which ShowTex is known worldwide.

What are the products the region is most interested in?

Although it is still early days, we’ve had a great response throughout the full ShowTex product range! From FeatherSilk over PepperScrim to HiSpeed Reveal and our stunning Velours Delta of 210 cm wide. There is also a high demand for all the basic stage and event fabrics we can now offer locally.



What will the future bring for ShowTex Australia?

We’re highly motivated to be as successful as the other ShowTex offices around the world, creating great opportunities for like-minded individuals to grow within the industry and the ShowTex family.

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